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Henk Welting
30th November 2008, 17:01
What were the places of death registration for:

AC1 Raymond G. ANDERSON - 576378;
LAC A. (first name not known) DOUGALL - 978512;
AC2 Edward DOWLE - 777809 - 44 Sqn (Waddington, Lincolnshire);
S/Ldr (Chaplain) The Rev. Percy G. DUFF - 76151, and
AC1 Edward O. HUGHES - 1259754.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Anson I - N5135 - 2 AOS - crashed in forced landing Kemy Tonlia Farm, Kilchattan Bute.
Blenheim IV - V5730 - 2 (C)OTU - crashed in forced landing at night ½ mile N of Donna Nook.
Magister I - L6908 - 16 EFTS - crashed in forced landing Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire.
Oxford II - W6614 - 6 FTS - crashed at Kidlington; no further details.

Regards and thanks for your help.

30th November 2008, 18:02
ANDERSON - not in register for E&W or Scotland. CWGC has place of burial as Woolwich
DOUGALL - there is an Alexander Dougall, age 21, registered at Weston (?super Mare - near Bristol)
DOWLE, age 25, is registered at North Kesteven which would fit with Waddington
DUFF, age 56, registered at Aylesbury (RAF Hospital, Halton?)
HUGHES, age 19, registered at Luton.

Apart from Dowle, there are no obvious links to your proposed losses.



30th November 2008, 18:08
Raymond G. ANDERSON Not found in England & Wales Register, not in Scotland either it seems? Not found in Flight Archives.

Alexander DOUGALL - Age 21 in Weston District, Flight archives: DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE

Edward J DOWLE - Age 25, registered North Kesteven District Flight archives: DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE

Percy G. DUFF - Age 56, Aylesbury district. Found DOAS ! Scanned as Duft

Edward O. HUGHES Age 19 in Luton District. Can't see him in Flight archives.


30th November 2008, 18:14
Both the 16 EFTS Magister and N5135 were none fatal accidents.

August 27th 1941, “Anson N5135 P/O Bilecki crash landed in a small field in Bute after being
lost in bad weather. No one hurt.”

There wasn't an entry in the 16 EFTS ORB for the Magister but I do have the 1180 for it. The serial number was written in as L6808 and both 8s were over written with 9s, I know that L6909 was used by 5 EFTS that years as one of their pilots put it through a stone wall.

The aircraft was being flown by LAC Peter Thomson Muirhead (later F/O, DFC, killed 21/07/43).

30th November 2008, 18:17
Raymond G Anderson Age 19 registered in Epping district in the Q4 register.

** Found in Flight Archives - Died on Active Service Edition October 16, 1941



Henk Welting
1st December 2008, 11:05
Thanks friends for all your valuable info.

1st December 2008, 11:48

An offering on S/Ldr(Chaplain) DUFF.

DEATHS - On Active Service.

DUFF.- On Aug 27,1941, at a Military Hospital. P Gordon Duff Chaplain, R.A.F., and Rector of St Mary Magdalen, St.Leonards-on-Sea. Funeral at Halton Church, Wendover, Bucks, To-morrow(Saturday), 11 a.m.

See: 'The Times' Friday, Aug 29,1941 p.1

OBITUARY - Fallen Officers. 'The Times' Saturday, Aug 30,1941 p.6

OBITUARY - 'The Times' Friday, Sep 12,1941. p.7.

(No specific cause of death mentioned).


John Larder
2nd December 2008, 20:15

I have just got a Halton Roll of Honour which will in due course be available on the net. I will check but there could be other 'brats' in your list onf unsolved airmen.

Anderson died from wounds received in Air Raid. Based at North Weald. (Halton Roll of Honour)

Henk Welting
3rd December 2008, 09:19
Thanks Col & John.
Please John keep us informed by means of this forum when Halton RoH will be available.
Best regards,

7th July 2021, 21:22
Douglas John Buckle 14938 , died of septacemia

1st December 2021, 15:25
Alexander Dougall 978512 , attached to RAF Locking, died in the station hospital of a right frontal sub parietal cereberal abscess

23rd April 2022, 19:42
The Reverend Percy Gordon Duff 76151 , attached to Number 10 ITW, died at 16:55 Hours at RAF hospital, Halton , of carcinoma of the ventriculi

29th November 2022, 18:00
Frederick Binks 971409 , attached to 46 Squadron, died in Number 2 General hospital of hemolytic anaemia

5th December 2022, 18:33
P/782942 Jan Krecik was admitted seriously ill to RAF hospital Rauceby on 12 July, becoming dangerously ill on 26 August, dying of pyelonephritis

17th March 2023, 18:45
Edward Oliver Hughes 1259754 | attached to Number 24 EFTS | was dangerously injured in a motor accident at Luton aerodrome at 13:00 Hours, dying the same day in Luton & Dunstable hospital

29th March 2023, 21:50
Edward Oliver Hughes 1259754 | attached to Number 24 EFTS |was walking along the entrance to Luton Airfield at 07:30 Hours when he was knocked down by a Luton Corporation Omnibus. He was admitted to Luton & Dunstable hospital where he died at 13:00 Hours