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Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 16:12
What were the places of death registration for:

AC1 Edward W. HAWKINS - 1202247;
AC2 Lionel P. HILL - 1256667 - 218 Sqn (Marham, Norfolk);
Cpl John LEACH - 566401;
LAC Donald J.L. MACFAYDEN - 950775;
Sgt (Pilot) Harold G. TASKER - 1262815 (could his death have been at Ford, Sussex ?);
AC1 Alfred F. WARE - 652633 - 18 BC, 948 (Balloon) Sqn (Rosyth);
F/Sgt George A. WICKHAM - 863430, and
LAC (Pilot u/t) Anthony V. ZANZOTTERA - 1101015.

Also looking for unit and possible cause of death of the following two airmen missing and commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial:

Sgt The Hon. Ingelram I. TWISLETON-WYKEHAM-FIENNES - 1169866 - Panel 53, and
S/Ldr (Pilot) Charles A. WOOD - 37030 - 258 Sqn (Martlesham Heath, Suffolk);
Unconfirmed source: Hurricane IIA, coded "V", took off 07.50 hrs on convoy escort off Aldeburgh; crashed into sea off Orfordness, 08.340 hrs.

Proposed aircraft losses (on ground) for this day:

Hector I - K9779 - RAF Sywell - crashed on approach Childs Ercall.
Magister I - V1102 - 60 OTU - dived into ground Macmerry, East Lothian.
Master I - N7581 - 14 FTS - broke up in air 3 miles N of Hullavington, Wiltshire.
Oxford I - V3951 - 15 FTS - crashed on approach Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Hurricane II - BD786 - 29 MU - abandoned Longdon-upon-Tern, Shropshire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

4th December 2008, 16:41
Hi Henk,

for S/L Wood lok at http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Bedfordshire/TurveyRollofHonour.html:

Unfortunately, on the 30th August, following a Convoy Patrol, he failed to return. Entries that day read - "S/Ldr Wood missing from operation. Nothing definite but bits of wreckage picked up by a nearby destroyer" and " 'B' Flight : Aircraft (coded) 'V' S/Ldr Wood. Patrol. Up at 0750. S/Ldr Wood reported missing and believed killed."


4th December 2008, 16:55

Ingelram Ivo Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes
Born 4 July 1922
Died August 1941 in the Middle East (in action)

4th December 2008, 17:10
Sgt Tasker was killed while in a No.60 OTU Master, the following is from the unit ORB “Master T9627, Total Wreck, Pilot;- Sgt Emery, and passenger Sgt Tasker – Killed". The Magister was entered into to the ORB as a total wreck but had no note about any fatalities against it.

I also have this from the 410 Squadron ORB, “Defiant I No.N1731 (piloted by Sgt D.W. Hall, with Sgt D.G. Cresswell as Air Gunner) crashed into top of hill approximately 4 ˝ miles S/E Gifford, East Lothian – completely wrecked and both occupants killed. Cause of accident not at present known.”

Bill Walker
4th December 2008, 17:22
Concerning the Defiant crash, my notes show it as occurring during a training flight on the night of 29/30 August 1941. Both crewmen were RAF, serving with 410 Squadron.

Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 17:49

Ingelram Ivo Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes
Born 4 July 1922
Died August 1941 in the Middle East (in action)

.................and commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial ???!!!


Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 17:53
Thanks Bill and Al for your response.
Yes, the Defiant crew were 410 Sqn and all info in my files.
Al: Air Britain for serial T2627: T9624 to T9757 - Production diverted to RAAF.
So I do believe that TASKER was on V1102 of 60 OTU. Still have to look for the other crew member EMERY.

Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 17:55
For T2627 read T9627.

4th December 2008, 17:59
Hi Henk
Hill,21, registered at Downham, Norfolk, the right area for Marham,
Leach,25, registered at Oakham, at that time Rutland, now Cambridgeshire,
MacFadyen,27, registered at Bucklow,Cheshire close to Manchester
Wickham,27, registered at Petersfield, Hampshire,
Zanzottera,21, registered at Chippenham,Wiltshire, this would be right for N7581
I didn't find Hawkins or Ware but if Ware died near his unit it is out of my reach in Scotland
Both Tasker,26, and Emery,19, are registered at Northumberland North 1st District.This might be right for an a/c of 60 OTU as at the time it was at East Fortune in Lothian, Scotland and the registration district covered some areas in S Scotland

Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 18:09
Forget what I mentioned on TASKER is my msg #7 of this thread. EMERY and TASKER both were on Master T8627: Hit wires low flying and crashed, Scremerston, Berwick.

Henk Welting
4th December 2008, 18:14
Thanks Dick for death registrations 30th August 1941.

4th December 2008, 21:01
30 August 1941

OADU Delivery Flight.
Wellington II W5559

Sgt W F Butler +
Sgt T P Butterfield +
Sgt M H Cope +
Sgt D R A Garrick +
Sgt D D Todd +
Sgt I I Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes +

Took off from Gibraltar for Malta. Shot down in flames by CR.42s 12km S of Lampedusa. All save Sgt Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes (commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial) are commemorated on the Malta Memorial. SOC.

See: Royal Air Force Bomber Losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean
Volume 1: 1939-1942
Gunby,David & Pelham Temple
Hinckley:Midland Publishing,2006


5th December 2008, 10:30


John Larder
5th December 2008, 14:48
Leach 14 OTU killed in road accident (Halton Roll of Honour)

Henk Welting
5th December 2008, 16:53
Thanks John for info on LEACH.

6th December 2008, 17:49
By back filling information from CWGC etc

There is a 21 year old Alfred Frederick WARE registered dead in the Strathbrock districk of West Lothian SOMETIME in the year of 1941. I can't narrow it down to year quarter as I've no credits. Flight would claim LAC A F Ware as DOAS.

AC1 E W Hawkins is listed DOAS in the same Flight archive listing. There is a 32 year old Edward William Hawkins registered SOMETIME in 1941 in Scotland, He is registered in Dron district of Perth County.


11th March 2009, 01:00

Re: Unaccounted airmen - 30-8-41, Magister I V1102 - 60 OTU - dived into the ground Macmerry, East Lothian.

Your missing man is AUS403008 William Thomas McMILLAN RAAF. He was referred to recently in your; Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 6-1-42.

His A705 (NAA: A705 163/141/309 p.94 of 100), mentions the following:-

'I regret to inform you that according to a communication received from No.60 Operational Training Unit, Royal Air Force, No.AUS/403008 Sergeant William Thomas MCMILLAN of that unit was injured as the result of a flying accident at Macmerry, Trament, East Lothian on the 30th August 1941.

The injuries sustained by him are a broken forearm and believed broken nose and to have been admitted to Castle Hospital, Edinburgh.'


Henk Welting
11th March 2009, 10:02
Thanks Col for info on McMILLAN and Magister V1102 (30-8-1941).

18th November 2009, 23:08
Don't know why I didn;t do this the first time round!

DOAS AC1 Edward W. HAWKINS - 1202247; Dron, Perth
DOAS AC2 Lionel P. HILL - 1256667 - Downham;
DOAS Cpl John LEACH - 566401; Oakham, Road Accident 14 OTU
LAC Donald J.L. MACFADYEN - 950775; Bucklow; There is an LAC D J K MacFadyen DOAS (note spelling) in Flight, CWGC also is MacFadyen
Sgt (Pilot) Harold G. TASKER - 1262815 60 OTU with Emery; Northum, N; Tasker, Died of Wounds, Emery KOAS
DOAS AC1 Alfred F. WARE - 652633 - Stratbrock;
DOAS F/Sgt George A. WICKHAM - 863430, Petersfield
KOAS LAC (Pilot u/t) Anthony V. ZANZOTTERA - 1101015. Chippenham

All the men on the OADU Wellington are listed as 15 OTU on the GRO RAF list. For reference.

Martyn A Critchlow
16th January 2015, 13:16
F/Sgt George A. WICKHAM - 863430 - accidental death, when his motor cycle ran into an RAF low loader at Hill Brow, Liss when on his way home.
Portsmouth Evening News, 3 September 1941


30th September 2017, 10:47

AC1 Edward W. HAWKINS - 1202247 - the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 10.30 p.m. at the Emergency Hospital, Bridge of Earn, the result of a cerebral haemorrhage.

AC1 Alfred F. WARE - 652633 - the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 8.40 a.m. at Bangour Hospital, Broxburn, the result of septicaemia.

LAC (Pilot u/t) Anthony V. ZANZOTTERA - 1101015 - the Graves Registration Report Form lists his unit as "1515 Bat. Flight" - 1515 Beam Approach Training Flight.



19th March 2021, 09:15
Donald James Leighton MacFadyen, 950775, attached to Number 2 school of air navigation at RAF Cranage,became seriously ill with encephalitis on 28th August, admitted to RAF Hospital Wilsmslow, he died of tubercular meningitis

15th February 2022, 20:09
James Robert Pennick 948085 , attached to 103 MU , died in Number 16 General hospital of typhoid and peritonitis

11th January 2023, 18:04
Wyladyslaw Halenda P/784005 , attached to Number 2 AGS, was admitted dangerously ill to Louth County Infirmary on 20 August suffering from pyrexia of unknown origin, he became dangerously ill on 24 August dying at 13:50 Hours of meningitis secondary to a middle ear infection