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Henk Welting
5th December 2008, 14:57
What were the places of death registration for:

AC2 Donald S. FOULGER - 1542218;
AC2 Reginald HARRY - 1092859;
LAC Cyril T.W. LEMAN - 951530;
AC1 Jack LUSCOMBE - 864864 - 13 BC, 934 (Balloon) Sqn (Plymouth);
Cpl Trevor RUSSELL - 947694;
AC1 Hedley TOWLE - 872451 - 17 BC, 943 (Balloon) Sqn (Hull), and
LAC John C. WOOD - 1288769.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Beaufort I - N1009 - 5 (C ?)OTU - crashed on take-off Chivenor.
Hart Trainer - K5826 - 1 FTS - crashed in forced landing Colworth House, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.
Leopard Moth - X9382 - 6 AACU - crashed on landing Lichfield.
Oxford II - X6932 - RAFC - undershot landing Barkston Heath.
Spitfire I - X4901 - 53 OTU - crashed on landing Llandow.

Regards and thanks for your help.

5th December 2008, 15:52
AC2 Donald S. FOULGER - DOAS - Age 20, Blackpool District

AC2 Reginald HARRY - DOAS - Not in Q3 or Q4 Register; There is one name matching on Scotland register, age 29, Stranraer District, Wigtownshire.

LAC Cyril T.W. LEMAN - DIED in 1940 do you need his details?

AC1 Jack LUSCOMBE - DOAS, Not in Q3 or Q4 UKW register or Scottish register

Cpl Trevor RUSSELL - DOAS, Age 21 Pontypridd district.

AC1 Hedley TOWLE - KOAS, Age 46 Hull District, Bombing raid? died at Waterloo Terrace, Wellington Lane, Kingston upon Hull. Five family members killed that date per CWGC

LAC John C. WOOD , Can;t find in Flight, the only John C in the Q3 or Q4 UKW register is age 99. Scottish registers don't show anyone with name starting with John C...



5th December 2008, 16:24
Hi Henk
It is possible that Dennis' John C Wood at Saffron Walden, Essex is correct with a misprint for the age. CWGC has their John C Wood as buried in Saffron Walden. They could ,of course, still be different people.

5th December 2008, 16:48
Hello Henk,

Re: BEAUFORT I - N1009 - 5 (C?) OTU - crashed on take-off Chivenor.

See: FYT1/140 - Errol will be in touch !


Henk Welting
5th December 2008, 17:03
Don't see any relation between Beaufort N1009 and Errol's FYT1/140 !


Henk Welting
5th December 2008, 17:08
Don't need further info on LEMAN. He was in my files on the correct date 31-8-1940 and erroneously also 31-8-1941 ! Deleted for 1941.

5th December 2008, 17:10

There is'nt any. Most humble apologies, misread date !


5th December 2008, 17:20

Pilot was P/O E Birchley RAAF who survived the swing on take off without injury. No note of any crew injury.


Henk Welting
6th December 2008, 13:09
Thanks Ross for info on BIRCHLEY; will amend my files.

22nd September 2017, 11:15

AC2 Reginald HARRY - 1092859 - the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 4.30 p.m. at Clenoch Hospital, Stranraer as the result of tubercolous meningitis.

AC1 Jack LUSCOMBE - 864864 - service No. 864964 - the Western Morning News of September 9th 1941 reported the following:

Mr. J. Luscombe, Probus
The funeral of Mr. Jack Luscombe, who died at the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, aged 30, took place at Probus Church.

AC1 Hedley TOWLE - 872451 - the Hull Daily Mail of September 4th 1941 carried the following deaths announcement:

TOWLE - By enemy action, Hedly [sic] Towle, his loving wife Elsie, and also beloved children Betty-May, Hedly (junr.), and Audrey.



2nd June 2021, 17:33
Jack Luscombe 864964 , died in the Royal Naval hospital, Plymouth, at 01:45 hours, of injuries sustained in a railway accident

18th December 2021, 11:15
Trevor Russell 947694 , attached to RAF Duxford , died suddenly whilst on leave at home at Jenkins Street , Hopkinstown , of asphyxia due to an epileptic fit with his father G J Russell present.

His brother had died in the RAF the previous year and is buried in a joint grave with him.

Trevor is the LAST Airmen resting in Wales who can be accounted without recourse to the GRO Death certificate route as any remaining Airmen died post discharge from the RAF. All Airmen in Wales who died up to September 1945 are however accounted

Ex Morse Monkey
25th March 2022, 08:26
Good Morning,

Ref 1092859 AC2 R HARRY. I may be putting a spanner in this work. I live in a small village west of Helston, Cornwall and while researching the men named on my local parish church 'Roll of Honour', is listed one Reginald Harry! This man is also listed here - https://www.cornwallfhs.com/cornwallswarhistory/world-war-2-search/. The document is quite clear and either the Stranraer hospital records or the Cornish records are in error. I'm particularly interested to clear this anomaly up especially as he is buried in the cemetery, and more to the point as I'm compiling a short overview of each man to leave in the church, to assist anyone who may be looking for their relative or are just interested in knowing about their service.

Would love to engage with anyone on this.

Kind regards


15th December 2022, 12:51
Hedley Towle 872541 , was killed in an air raid in Hull

14th February 2023, 10:23
Mieczyslaw Namieczkowski P/784088 | died in RAF station hospital ( illegible ) of aleukaemic leukaemia.

This information was obtained via the purchase of a GRO death certificate kindly sponsored by Kate O’Mara of Hull as there was no cause of death listed in his records