View Full Version : Arnold Scheme: British Pilots, the American South and the Allies Daring Plan

8th December 2008, 11:22
I picked up a copy of this book from RAF Museum on Sunday, primary for the list of casualties (brief details) it has and the course dates in the Appendices...

But no doubt, the individuals on this site can flush out more infomation, when I get round to posting a couple of queries!



Errol Martyn
9th December 2008, 00:54
Don't know what Paul paid for his copy but I note that the Naval & Military press site quotes retail as 20 pounds but is offering the 559-page paperback it at 7.95 pounds + p&p.


9th December 2008, 09:13
I paid the 20 - Still at least the 'profit' whatecer it was goes to help run the Museum!

9th December 2008, 20:54
Naval & Military have pulled the book. I was looking at it yesterday and when i went back to order it today it was no longer available.

Errol Martyn
9th December 2008, 21:11

Same happened here. Ordered, paid, but was then refunded and advised "On trying to obtain fresh stock from our supplier we have been told that this title is now out of print and not available."


13th December 2008, 21:25
I would just like to commend Paul for recommending this book. I bought a copy via Amazon after the N&S debacle and it arrived today. It certainly looks very impressive, well researched, and as Paul stated, the appendices are excellent.

Just wish Paul had warned me how heavy the book is!! ;)