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Kevin Mears
3rd January 2009, 16:23
I rather suspect that there isn't an easy answer to my question but will ask anyway. Is there any resource which would allow me to identify those who were killed in action, or later died in captivity, who were members of 34 Squadron from the time of the Japanese invasion and the withdrawal of the Squadron to India?

I am presuming this may be possible from the ORB, should it exist in its entirety, but was just wondering if there was any way of circumventing that route?


Kevin Mears

3rd January 2009, 17:00
Hi Kevin

Have you checked 'Bloody Shambles' Volumes I and II?


Kevin Mears
3rd January 2009, 19:06
Hi, Brian.

No, I haven't checked them as I don't have them. They are now on the shopping list but God only knows when I'll be able to obtain them. Do they contain a definitive list of all those killed with 34 Squadron, both during the period up to March 1942 and those who died either in PoW Camps or during enforced labour on the railways etc.?


Kevin Mears

3rd January 2009, 20:34
Hi Kevin

The short answer is no!

Give me a day or so and I will have a look - it's a long time ago since I helped write those two volumes.


3rd January 2009, 21:26
Hello Kevin,

I can't vouch for its completeness but you could use Geoff Sullivans CWGC search engine to identify English or UK casualties from the squadron.

Set the dates to what ever you need.

Place "34 S" into the unit field and leave it set to starts with

And select Royal Air Force from the Regiment/Corps drop down menu.

I set date of 07/12/1941-01/01/1947 and got 99 casualties, some of whom may be the men your looking for. This method has also found men from 34 (SAAF) Sqn, so the 99 men are not all RAF 34 Sqn. Sadly this will not find Canadian or Australian, New Zealand men as they sometimes don;t have the unit listed against them and the database needs to be set to that country name - Geoff himself might be able to help you with those searchs.

Note: The digitisation of the CWGC records or perhaps other reasons has placed many RAF dead with 34 Sqdn whereas this should read 34 SAAF Sqdn, this is suggested by their being buried in Europe in 1944 etc when RAF 34 Sqdn was still in India/Burma. So, its a bit hit and miss and not the fault of the search engine.

See what you think with it.

Kevin Mears
3rd January 2009, 21:40

Good God! What an amazing place this internet can be. You ask an idle question and find it answered by no less than the author of one of the primary sources you need to consult! Any information you may offer would be most gratefully received.


Will follow your suggestion and have a good look at that later. This is something I didn't know was available so will definitely try it out. Thank you very much for the help.


Kevin Mears

3rd January 2009, 23:47
Here is a say, partial list of Royal Air Force and RAF Volunteer Reserve 34 Squadron Casulaties from the Far East:

LERIGO, AC 614754 17/04/1940 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 400417 DOAS, AC1
FORD, T 619749 15/07/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410715 KOAS, Sgt
HAYLOCK, BG 39664 15/07/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410715 KOAS, F/Lt
WINDRUM, JKM 619843 15/07/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410715 KOAS, LA/C
OLSON, HB 551372 12/08/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410812 KOAS, Sgt V5877
MOORE, DC 45212 12/08/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410812 KOAS, P/O V5877
HUNT, JF 403548 12/08/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 410812 P/O V5877
CARR, J 580507 23/09/1941 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 410923 KOAS, F/Sgt
DODDS, GA 520562 23/09/1941 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 410923 KOAS, F/Sgt
CONNEL K 610272 12/12/1941 - KRANJI WAR MEMORIAL KRA 411212 Sgt V5379
Appleton JW 12/12/1941 - Injured in Crash, survived INJ 411212 F/Lt V5379
BIGMORE TH 12/12/1941 - Injured in crash, survived INJ 411212 P/O V5379
CARTER, KRC AUS401027 28/12/1941 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 411228 Sgt V5636
RAYNER, RJ 580380 28/12/1941 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 411228 F/Sgt V5636
HILL, RE 40705 28/12/1941 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 411228 F/Lt V5636
LOMAX, JG NZ405289 03/01/1942 - TAIPING WAR CEMETERY TWC 420103 P/O V5388
ANDERSEN, SW 45211 03/01/1942 - TAIPING WAR CEMETERY TWC 420103 F/O V5388
JAMES, RFR 564864 03/01/1942 - TAIPING WAR CEMETERY TWC 420103 F/Sgt V5388
HILLEBRAND, PH 580565 10/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420110 Missing, F/Sgt V5597
SMITH JE NZ402905 10/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420110 Sgt V5597
BROWN, EH AUS401024 10/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420110 Sgt V5597
O'DRISCOLL, F 39109 16/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420120 Sqn/Ldr, Z5796 Date Confused
SIMM, JL 563690 21/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420120 W/O Z5796 Date Confused
MOORE, CH 612425 21/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420120 W/O Z5796 Date Confused
CONDLIFFE, A 1104226 26/01/1942 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY KRA 420126 KOAS, AC1
BISHOP, PC 568798 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 KOAS, Cpl
FOSTER, DM 619906 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 KOAS, AC1
GOODWIN, SB 618214 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 M/KOAS AC1
GOMM, JH 573384 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 KOAS, AC1
KITCHING, TA 546577 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 KOAS, AC1
WOOD, R 542931 26/01/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420126 KOAS, AC1
COX, A 567358 06/02/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420206 DOWAS, Cpl
MATTHEWS, RHP 1259647 15/02/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420215 WIA, Sgt
KAY, H NZ404377 12/05/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 420512 DOWAS, Sgt V6254 Est, in India
ALEXANDER, G 1558454 08/06/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 420608 AC2
HUMBY, CA 1195635 11/06/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 420611 LA/C
GREAVES, FM 1259996 30/08/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420830 M/KIA, Sgt
THWAITS, JH 80219 30/08/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420830 M/KIA, P/O
JULIAN, JPR 1018129 30/08/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 420830 M/KIA, Sgt
LOCKLEY, WG 974918 10/06/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 421006 DOAS, LA/C
KEEBLE, PL 76585 12/10/1942 - CHITTAGONG WAR CEMETERY CWC 421012 KIA, Sqn/Ldr
MOLE, EJ 1068932 15/10/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 421015 DOAS, AC1
HYLAND, E 966813 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 M/KIA, F/Sgt
ELLIOT, HA R/68262 RCAF 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 M/KIA, W/O
ELLIOT, AG 1056224 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 Sgt
HOWE,AM AUS406249 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 Z7705 F/O
HAY, JD AUS408066 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 Z7705 F/O
LISHMAN, TG 50512 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 421110 Z7705 M/KIA, F/Sgt
BARNLEY, JR 39647 30/11/1942 - SYDNEY WAR CEMETERY AUS 421130 Missing, F/Sgt
PRESTON, RA 921829 31/12/1942 - MAYNAMATI WAR CEMETERY MWC 421231 LA/C
HEARNE, J 1153169 15/03/1943 - GAUHATI WAR CEMETERY, India GWC 430315 KOAS, Sgt
SKINNER, RE 749472 15/03/1943 - GAUHATI WAR CEMETERY GWC 430315 KOAS, F/Sgt
NORMAN, JE 926042 09/11/1943 - KARACHI WAR CEMETERY KAR 431109 DOAS, Sgt, Hurricane from August 43
MORGAN, RG 912211 29/11/1943 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 431129 KIA, F/O
KING, KMO 1232306 25/01/1944 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 440125 F/Sgt
WHALEN, JH J/15005 18/04/1944 - KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY KOH 440418 KIA, F/Lt
BRANDON, JE 1425593 23/04/1944 - KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY KOH 440423 KIA, F/Sgt
GORE, E 1132621 16/06/1944 - KARACHI WAR CEMETERY KAR 440616 KOAS, Cpl
HUMPHRIES, R 567636 16/06/1944 - KARACHI WAR CEMETERY KAR 440616 KOAS, F/Sgt
KERBEY, HWH 184573 07/07/1944 - IMPHAL WAR CEMETERY IWC 440707 KIA, P/O
MULLER, JR 1386950 24/09/1944 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 440924 Missing, W/O
TAYLOR, R 1802532 11/02/1945 - TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY TAU 450211 TBD
PETTITT, CJ 1397619 15/02/1945 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 450215 KIA, Sgt
TIBBETTS, JE 142363 22/02/1945 - TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY TAU 450222 KIA, F/O
SOULSBY, LF 187718 17/06/1945 - TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY TAU 450617 KOAS, F/O
NEATE, RS 1801115 09/07/1945 - TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY TAU 450709 KIA, Sgt
MURRAY, DS 1603065 12/07/1945 - TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY TAU 450712 KOAS, F/Sgt
BUTLER, DE 1615752 10/09/1945 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL SM 450910 TBD
LEHETA, A 1813331 12/10/1946 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 461012 TBD
CHIN, AC 2218604 26/11/1946 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY DWC 461126 TBD
WATHERN, OC 909203 07/07/1947 Buried in United Kingdom. UK 470707 TBD
Daly EJ 934648 10/04/1942 - JAKARTA WAR CEMETERY JAK ?????? TBD
BLAKE FJ 615135 ??/??/???? - Prisoner of War - Survived N/A ?????? TBD

The notes are a partial stab at the Flight Archives:
along with data from the CWGC. Note that I've been lazy and taken ranks from both the CWGC and the Flight archives so some of them may have been promoted near or after their deaths. Kevin, check them all against the CWGC again.

There are only 74 names above, does not seem very many for nearly four years of warfare? And none of the above would suggest to me they were POW's though I did not complete the 1943-44-45 names in the Flight magazines.

Using the method suggested above but with no date limits and only 34 in the unit text field (I hence also got 341 and 349 Squadron!) It is noted that the 34 SAAF men buried in Italy are recorded as 34 SAAF Sqdn, whereas the men in Austria, Poland, Belgrade are recorded as 34 Sqdn only. Of course I just found a SAAF airmen J B Masson, buried in Udine, Italy, listed as 34 (RAF) Sqdn so one can't win!

This old thread on the old forum touched on this SAAF Squadron mix up, suggesting an RAF airman with SAAF Sqn in Europe got the Burma Star. Interesting.

(these are included above)
For RCAF men
001 ELLIOT, HA R/68262 10/11/1942 - SINGAPORE MEMORIAL
003 WHALEN, JH J/15005 18/04/1944 - KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY

001 HUNT, JF 403548 12/08/1941 - KRANJI WAR CEMETERY
002 KAY, H 404377 12/05/1942 - DELHI WAR CEMETERY
003 LOMAX, JG 405289 03/01/1942 - TAIPING WAR CEMETERY

I can't find any Australians but their records tend not to have units listed in my experience. [Col, bruggy found some for us, see below,]

Another problem we seen in the last few days is that the 34 Squadron may be scanned as 54 or other errors but I think these are far and few between, dates might also contain scanning errors in the CWGC database though I base that on only a single example we seen this week.

Kevin Mears
4th January 2009, 00:56

Thank you so much for that, it is really appreciated. I will check it against Arthur Lane's 'When you go home' but a cursory glance shows you have found quite a few more than he did. Next step is to isolate them by date and location and try and establish who died in which aircraft ( I suspect air Britain's serials and Graham Warner's Blenheim Story and of course 'Bloody Shambles' as soon as I can get a copy will help there), who died in ground action against the Japanese and who died in captivity.

Fascinating stuff.



4th January 2009, 01:14
I replaced the text above with an ordered list of the names.

4th January 2009, 02:34
Hi Kevin,

The following is a listing of RAAF casualties on 34 Sqn RAF :-

28/12/41 401027 CARTER,Kenneth Raymond Champion. Flying battle,Malaya.
10/1/42 401024 BROWN,Edgar Harold. Flying Battle,India.
10/11/42 408066 HAY,John Douglas. Flying Battle,Burma.
'' '' '' 406249 HOWE,Alexander Maxwell. Flying Battle,Burma.
15/3/43 406358 JEFFERYS,Gordon Roger. Accidental,India.
24/9/43 404512 McLEOD,Roderick Scott. POW (Died as),Thailand.
17/8/44 37259 HOPPER,Joseph Albert. Accidental,India.
20/2/45 420063 SAISELL,James Colin. Flying Battle,Burma.

The above casualty decriptions are AWM-based, they can be a bit loose. You will need to do the legwork at the; AWM, NAA & CWGC.

After your initial search on Geoff's Search Engine under Royal Air Force, I suggest you use the national air force ie, RNZAF, RCAF etc., rather than country. you will pick up a few floaters that way, also use the recommended - ...Sqdn.

Good Hunting, WWE.

4th January 2009, 03:14
Thanks Col,

I added your 8 men, which points to Chaney being a POW also as he is buried in same cemetery as McLeod.
I have incorporated your information into the post above.


4th January 2009, 05:02

Beg,steal or borrow a copy of the following:

Unsung Heroes of the Royal Air Force:The Far East Prisoners of War.
Stubbs,Les & Pam.
Hough on the Hill:Barny Books,2002.

A quick check brought forth the following:-

BLAKE,Francis John - 615135 - 34 Squadron - Held Java, Singapore, Hokkaido(Hakadate), Kyushu(Yawata). (p.86)

Daly,Edward James - 934648 - 34 Squadron - Held Java(Tilijap Hospital) - 10.4.42 Buried Jakarta. (p.110)

What with many 84 Sqn men also listed, you can get a bit cross-eyed looking at the lists. Another problem is that many are simply listed as, 'Unit not known'.

Lane's lists are not without error, so use advisedly, eg., (p.267) 27 Squadron - RONUIRIES, Ac2, William 1350516 - Surname should read- 'SQUIRES'.

I can smell printer's ink !


Kevin Mears
4th January 2009, 12:17
Thank you so much for all your help.

I will be picking up a copy of Unsung Heroes from the National Memorial Arboretum this afternoon and may well spend some time looking at the FEPOW Memorials through different eyes.


Printer's ink? Maybe it is a case of once bitten and twice shy. At the moment, my interest stems from a thread on another forum about an airman who had a rather long and distinguished career. Knowing he was with 34 Squadron caused me to look at the Squadron and operations in a theatre I know next to nothing about. Purely personal interest and hugely educational.

Thanks again to everyone for their help.

Really appreciated.


Kevin Mears

Kevin Mears
4th January 2009, 23:00

This might sound a daft question but was Bloody Shambles ever called Bloody Chaos?


Kevin Mears

8th January 2009, 17:37
Hi Kevin

Apologies for the delay in responding - snowed under with requests for information and photos, not to mention having to complete two drafts over the Christmas/New Year period!

'Bloody Shambles' was not previously called 'Bloody Chaos' - but I do seem to recall that it was a bloody chaos at times when we were researching/writing it!

I've had a quick look at Volume I and the only 34 Squadron flying fatalities I can find are as follows:

12-13/12/41: Blenheim V5379 crashed on take-off, Sgt K.Connell (AG) killed.

28/12/41: V5636 shot down by AA fire. F/Lt RE Hill and Sgt KR Carter RAAF killed (checking against Dennis' list, it would seem that F/Sgt RJ Rayner was also killed in this aircraft)

2/1/42: V5388 FTR from operational sortie, Plt Off JG Lomax RNZAF and crew lost (plus F/O SW Andersen and F/Sgt RFR James, per Dennis)

20/1/42: Sqn Ldr F. O'Driscoll and crew shot down by K-43s, no survivors (plus W/O JL Simm and W/O CH Moore, per Dennis)

Unfortunately, identity of O'Driscoll's aircraft not known. Perhaps someone has the answer, hopefully. Fortunately, 34 Squadron lost most of its aircraft on the ground, thereby reducing the number of casualties.

I will now check Volume II and will be back shortly - just checked, no fatalities listed in Volume II
Hope this helps

Errol Martyn
8th January 2009, 22:25

You may be thinking of:

Glory in Chaos : RAAF in Malaya Against Japanese Before Pearl Harbour
Hall, E. R.
ISBN 13: 9780731680252
Publisher: Sembawang Association
Publication Date: 1989


Errol Martyn
8th January 2009, 22:35

Regarding New Zealanders who died with 34 Sqn:

From my trilogy 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume One: Fates 1915-1942)':

Tue 12 Aug 1941
Far East
Formation practice
34 Squadron, RAF (Tengah, Singapore)
Blenheim IV V5877 - took off with others of the Squadron and during the practice collided with the formation leader over Johore and crashed. All three crew were buried at Bidadari Cemetery, but later reinterred at Kranji.
Pilot: NZ403548 Plt Off John Francis HUNT, RNZAF - Age 25.

Sat 3 Jan 1942
Far East
Attack on convoy
34 Squadron, RAF (Tengah, Singapore)
Blenheim IV V5388 - took off with two others on a patrol along the western coast of Malaya. At least two of the Blenheims located and bombed two vessels off Kuala Selangor, and a number of small craft were machine gunned ten miles south of Penang. V5388 was brought down further north, some 200 yards off the coast, about 3 miles from Yen. All three crew are buried at Taiping.
Pilot: NZ405289 Plt Off James Garfield LOMAX, RNZAF - Age 29.

Fri 9/Sat 10 Jan 1942
Far East
Raid on Sungei Patani airfield, Malaya
34 Squadron, RAF (Tengah, Singapore)
Blenheim IV V5597 - took off with five others, only two of which reached the target in the poor weather prevailing. All returned except V5597, which was thought to have been brought down at about 0330 on encountering severe turbulence in a tropical storm. All three crew are commemorated on the Singapore Memorial.
Pilot: NZ402905 Sgt James Ellis SMITH, RNZAF - Age 25.

Tue 12 May 1942
Test flight
34 Squadron, RAF (Allahabad, India - 221 Group)
Blenheim IV V6254 - took off during the evening and made a forced landing 23 miles SSW of Bamrauli after an engine failure. All three crew were injured, the pilot dying at 0900 next day in the British Military hospital at Allahabad. He was buried in the Cantonment Cemetery at Allahabad, but later reinterred at Delhi.
Pilot: NZ404377 Flt Sgt Harold KAY, RNZAF - Age 21. 295hrs (215 solo - 128 on Blenheim)
Official records are divided over whether Kay died on the 12th or 13th. The flight may have taken place on the 11th but the weight of evidence suggests it was the 12th.


Scott McIntosh
9th January 2009, 00:07
Hi Kevin

Just put the title into the search address mentioned below and you should get some hits.


Both volumes seem to be available from Bookshelf Aviation Books for £23.93 each

No idea if that includes post.

Same goes for many other books

9th January 2009, 00:50
I've updated the list in above thread with Errol's great information, Smith was new to the list and I had typed in Hillebrand's date wrong so its
Hillebrand RAF
Brown RAAF on V5597

From Brian,
12-13/12/41: Blenheim V5379 crashed on take-off, Sgt K.Connell (AG) killed.
Connell is listed as 60 Squadron on CWGC ? Any thoughts, on secondment or his records had not been updated. I can't see other 60 Sqn men for that date.

S/Ldr F O'Driscoll is dated 16th December by CWGC. A relation of his published his service record on this forum:

Was he a bombing raid casualty or bombed while landing, I wonder of the Gentleman 'Frank' was reading Warners book on the Blenheim.


Henk Welting
9th January 2009, 17:08
20-1-1942: S/Ldr O'DRISCOLL has (CWGC)date of death 16-1-1942 and 34 Sqn lost this day Z5796 (Air Britain: SOC as lost 16.1.42). Unfortunately CWGC has date of death 21-1-1942 for SIMM and MOORE.

9th January 2009, 18:56
Hi guys

Dennis - I can't open the site you mention! I am unaware of the O'Driscoll story.

Regarding Sgt Connell's death on 12/13 December, I believe he was flying as AG in 34 Squadron Blenheim V5379 piloted by Flt Lt JW Appleton (with Plt Off TH Bigmore as observer), both of whom were seriously injured in the crash.

Henk - thanks for the serial number of the 34 Squadron Blenheim (Z5796) lost either 16th or 20th January. Progress!

Regarding dates, a general observation of this very traumatic and chaotic period (as with Crete in May 1941), is that dates of deaths of individuals may be uncertain, in my opinion. Sadly, men died and survivors endeavoured to provide details. That's total war.

Errol - I overlooked the entry for Sgt J.E. Smith RNZAF (it's on p.288 of 'Bloody Shambles' Volume I) lost on 11 January 1941, with Sgts Hildebrand and Brown. Apologies.

Let's keep this thread going to see if we can unravel the remaining queries.


10th January 2009, 02:31
I've updated the list above again based on those comments.

If anyone wants the spread sheet to play with email me at dp_burke@yahoo.com

Which Squadron shall we do next! Only joking.

10th January 2009, 14:34
Hi Dennis

I've now been able to check that website - it seems to me that Finan O'Driscoll was probably killed in the Blenheim on 20 January, together with his crew.

Anyway, that's a great bit of research by all concerned - the wonder of the web!

Why not another squadron? I'm a bit limited to the theatres covered by my research/books but I'm game to offer what I can.

Kevin started the 34 Squadron inquest, so hope he is pleased with the results.


Kevin Mears
16th January 2009, 19:19
To all.

Sorry I haven't been around for a while but rest assured I am extremely pleased with the outcome of your efforts. It will take me a while to take all this in.

Once again I am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

Thank you again.

Kevin Mears

6th March 2009, 23:37
Hi Dennis,

As requested.

The details of my fathers service with 34 Squadron.

Name: Thomas Alfred GAMBLE.
Number; 1068903
Trade: Wireless Mechanic
Rank L.A.C Promoted T/Cpl 1st March 1942.

Joined 34 Squadron 20/1/42

Dep POR 522/42 Admitted BMH Allahabad 13/6/42
Discharged BMH Allahabad 22/6/42 POR Confirm Arrival 522/42
Dep POR 3514/43 Admitted BMH Madras 18/8/43
Discharged BMH Madras 20/8/43 POR Confirm Arrival 3514/43

Joined 7034. S.E. 20/10/44

Unfortunately I only have his Service record from RAF PMA.
The two periods he spent in hospital will most like have been due to his Duodenal Ulcer. He was discharged due to it in 1947 and received a pension as a result.

He never spoke of being wounded.

I may be able to lay my hands on some photos next time I talk to my Sister in Law.

Sorry I can't give you more information. But every bit helps.


7th March 2009, 12:19
Thanks Tom,

as a ground crew member we will find less information but who knows what people will turn up.

That said, you can see the type of operations he would have supported, the men in the lists above he may have known, worked on their aircraft, mourned their loss etc.

Your fathers efforts would have meant more of them were able to come back safely from missions.

31st December 2017, 18:54
Good evening,
I am the nephew of F/O 54211 Stanley Andersen, 34 Sqn, RAF Tengah. Killed 03/01/1942. Buried at Taiping Cemetery, shared grave 15/16, row 2K.

I am trying to find out as much info as I can of him. Such as, were the crew found shortly after the crash (shot down) or much later. There is some confusion within my family here.

I have quite a few photos of both Stanley and my father in Singapore (with a Christmas lunch with 34 Sqn included).

My father was Ft/Lt Victor Andersen, RAF Intelligence and was in Singapore up until shortly before it fell. He returned to the UK and went to the School of Oriental Languages where he learned Japanese and then returned to the Far East.

31st December 2017, 23:13


Attack on convoy.
Sat 3 Jun 1942
34 Squadron, RAF (Tengah, Singapore)

Blenheim IV V5388 - took off with two others on a patrol along the western coast of Malaya. At least two of the Blenheims located and bombed two vessels off Kuala Selangor, a number of small craft were machine gunned ten miles south of Penang. V5388 was brought down further north, some 200 yards off the coast, about 3 miles from Yen. All three crew are buried at Taiping.

Pilot: NZ405289 Plt Off James Garfield LOMAX, Age 29.

For Your Tomorrow A Record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 Volume One: Fates 1915-1942.
Martyn,Errol W.
Christchurch:Volplane Press,1998


NZ405289 P/O (Pilot) James Garfield LOMAX RNZAF +
45211 F/O (A./Obs.) Stanley Walter ANDERSEN RAF +
564864 F/Sgt (A./Obs.) Roy Frank Richard JAMES RAF +

This crew were originally posted as missing at the time of their loss. In a listing I have of Far East losses, they are still listed as missing in 1945/6. The CWGC states that the crew were buried at the Christian Cemetery Alor Star on 28 August, 1946, and later reburied at Taiping Military Cemetery on 23 May, 1947.

Errol Martyn (a member of this Forum), might be able to add to the above.


2nd January 2018, 16:04
Many thanks for that information, it explains a lot of things. I have also been bought a 1:32 scale model of a Mk VI Blenheim and once built and painted, I will be able to put my uncles actual ID letters on it.
I am led to believe that despite his being killed in 1942, he would have been entitled to the GSM and 39-45 Star. Is this correct? If so, I will get a set to mount alongside my fathers medals.

Errol Martyn
2nd January 2018, 23:48
Hello Kim,

Further to Col's post, here is the biographical entry for Lomax from the third volume of my trilogy:

LOMAX, Pilot Officer James Garfield.
NZ405289; b Wynyard, Tas., Australia 18 Aug 12; to NZ; Seddon Mem TColl, Auckland; carpenter - Rope Construction Ltd, Auckland. RNZAF Levin/GTS as Airman Pilot u/t 22 Dec 40, 4EFTS 9 Feb 41, 1FTS 24 Mar 41, f/ldg acc (uninj) 3 Jun 41, Pilots Badge [wef 3.5.41] Comm 14 Jun 41, att RAF & emb for Singapore 2 Jul 41, arr 4 Aug 41, [postings wanting], 34 Sqn (Blenheim), kao 3 Jan 42. Taiping War Cemetery - 2.K. joint grave 15-16, Malaysia. Son of Roland Henry & Mary Lomax (née Simes), Auckland. [phot. TWN 11.2.42]

I have a couple of small snippets of possible interest from Lomax's RNZAF service record that I could copy to you if you would let me have your email address. Mine is errol.martyn ATT xtra.co.nz


3rd January 2018, 12:53

F/O 54211 Stanley Walter Andersen, 34 Sqn, RAF Tengah. KIA. 03/01/1942, aged 23.
Buried with his comrades in arms, F/Lt 405289 James Lomax RNZAF and F/Sgt 564864 Roy James, Taiping Military Cemetery

Robert Rae
3rd January 2019, 02:01
For Kim Anderson I was at Taiping on the 12th of December so if you like I can pass on a few pictures I took.
I've only just found this page from doing some research into the fate of the Lomax crew.

25th February 2019, 10:30

MOLE Ernest James 1068932 - the ORB Form 541 has the following:

October 15th 1942 - 1 aircraft on air test, 4 pilots on night landings. 1068932 A.C.1 Mole killed while on duty (struck by rotating propeller).



29th June 2021, 18:50
Hello, that would be fantastic. Very many thanks. My e-mail address is kimav53@yahoo.com

30th June 2021, 15:58
Kim suggest you email Robert direct - click on his member name