View Full Version : New Book on F. A. O. 'Tony' Gaze

Steve Brew
21st February 2009, 11:56
Hi all

I have just been informed that Australian author Stewert Wilson is about to launch a book about Tony Gaze, who flew with 41, 64, 66, 610 and 616 Squadrons, and several other units.

The book will be on sale from 13 March 2009 and will be launched at the 2009 Avalon Airshow in Victoria, Australia, where Tony will be a guest of honour. The title is "Tony Gaze; Almost Unknown."

See: http://www.notebookpub.com/people/stewartbooklist.html

The book appears at the bottom of the first section.


Andy in West Oz
15th March 2009, 22:33
Thanks Steve. I was going to visit Avalon last Friday but couldn't justify the $50 entry for the few hours I had free...not to mention I would have spent more on books. Wish I had gone now. A good book for Wilson to write given his motorsport writing history.

It was probably staring me in the face on the Wilson website but I couldn't find any pricing details so I found this - http://www.chevron.com.au/aviation/aviation_almostunknown_bk.html