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6th March 2009, 17:00

My father served in 34 Squadron in WWII his service record show his posting started on 20 Jan 42
untill 17 May 1945.

I have found many reference on the web but no real dates. Do you know of any place I can get a list of Date and Stations for 34 Sqadron.


6th March 2009, 17:40

Welcome aboard.

One of the most useful book for that kind of request is "R.A.F. Squadrons" by Wing Commander C.G. Jefford, published by Airlife. There are two editions. As far as questions are about WW2, both should do.

No. 34 Squadron was equiped with Blenheim IV from June 1941 to February 1942.
From 10 September 1939, based in Tengah with detachment at Butterworth.
On 18 January 1942, to P I, with detachments at Tengah, Kemajoran and Lahat
On 24 January 1942, to P II
On 15 February 1942, to Lahat
On 18 February 1942, to Kalidjati
On 20 February 1942, disbanded and absorbed by No. 84 Squadron.

On 1st April 1942, reformed from elements at Chakrata and Karachi
On 15 April 1942, to Allahbad with detachment at Ondal. That month, equiped with Blenheim IVs (until january 1943)
On 13 June 1942, to Ondal, with detachment at Peshawar.
On 8 December 1942, to Baigachi. That month, received Blenheim Vs (keeping them until July 1943).
On 30 January 1943 to Jessore, detachment at Silchar West
On 7 March 1943, to Silchar West.
On 18 March 1943, to Kumbhirgram.
On 3 May 1943, to St Thomas Mount, detachment at Kumbhirgram.
In August 1943, received Hurricane IICs (keeping them until April 1945).
On 15 September 1943, to Cholavaram.
On 16 October 1943, to Alipore.
On 30 October 1943, to Palel.
In December 1943, received Hurricane IIB (using them until January 1944).
On 11 April 1944 to Dergaon.
On 15 July 1944, to Palel.
On 20 December 1944, to Yazagyo.
On 23 January 1945, to Onbauk, detachement at Wangjing.
In March 1945, received Thunderbolt IIs (keeping them until October 1945).
On 15 March 1945, to Ondaw
On 20 April 1945, to Kwetnge.
On 11 May 1945,to Myingyan, detachment to Kinmagan.
On 1st June 1945, to Kinmagan.
On 1st July 1945, to Meiktila.
On 18 August 1945, to Zayatkwin.
On 15 October 1945, disbanded there.

reformed in 1946, re-disbanded in 1947, reformed in 1949, disbanded again in 1951, reformed in 1954, disbanded in 1958, reformed for the last time in 1960 and disbanded for the last time on 31 December 1967.

Hope this answers your question.


6th March 2009, 22:02

What a welcome.

Thank you for such an execlant response.

I'm tempted to ask more questions now.


6th March 2009, 22:57
here is a link to a thread we ran about two months ago trying to identify 34 Squadron casualties.


Would your father have a log book or diary that might add anything to the list in the above thread?

Was your father aircrew or ground crew? Can you give us his name and rank incase we can find other relevent information.