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11th March 2009, 20:33
During March, the book ”Ali D’Africa” will be available from Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone IBN.
This book is written by Michele Palermo and my colleauge Ludovico Slongo and covers the 1o Stormo C.T. in North Africa from November 1941 to July 1942.
I have had the opportunity to read the manuscript and it’s very good with lots of interesting information. Still today, the best source to the air war over North Africa is Christopher Shores and Hans Ring’s now out-dated “Fighters over the desert” from 1969. In this book the Italian units is very poorly covered and almost all Allied combats/losses are verified against Luftwaffe records and the part taken by the Regia Aeronautica is neglected (must possible due to lack of sources at the time of writing). “Ali D’Africa” remedies this regarding the 1o Stormo and compares the unit’s combats with available Allied and Luftwaffe records showing that the Italian units played an important part on the Axis side.
This book is, to my knowledge, the first covering this period in detail written by Italian researchers/historians made available in English. This is a very important event!
The book is written in dual Italian/English and will cost € 18. The book will be available through Aviolibri (http://www.aviolibri.it/catalogo_avio_eng.php?cat_id=1000) but it can already be pre-ordered from IBN@aviolibri.it

Please visit my blog to see the front-cover (http://ww2biplanefighteraces.blogspot.com/)

Best wishes/Håkan