View Full Version : New book on 462 Sqdn

Chris Pointon
23rd March 2009, 00:58
A new book on 462 Sqdn has come to my notice: "To See the Dawn Again. A History of 462 Squadron RAAF 1942-2008" by Mark Lax and Leon Kane-Maguire. ISBN 9780977534036 486 pages and can be purchased from Alexander Fax Books in Canberra. http://www.alexanderfaxbooks.com.au/ . Price is UK£30 plus postage which makes it a pricey acquisition and whether it will ever appear with a UK distributor remains to be seen.

Andy in West Oz
16th April 2009, 22:57
If anyone is interested in this stunning book, let me know and I'll pass your details onto Mark. It won't cost you 30 quid! However, I recommend surface mail (will take the best part of three months though).