View Full Version : Air Gunner: The Men Who Manned the Turrets

3rd April 2009, 20:21
Air Gunner: The Men Who Manned the Turrets
Alan Cooper
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Pen & Sword Aviation (19 Feb 2009)
ISBN-10: 184415825X

I have just received this book and it looks very good. The Introductory gives a good summary of the development of the trade, the various official orders that changed the role and training etc. It also looks at the training, and how AGs developed from groundcrew to specialist aircrew.

There is a chapter on AGs in the FAA, one on early combats and experiences, on the most common guns and turrets, on the various theatres and even a chapter on LMF.

Overall, the book is a very good introduction to the subject, especially as it is laden with the experiences of the veterans.

My only disappointment is in the quality of the photographs. There are lots in the book but are spread amongst the text and reproduced ratherly poorly, which is surprising as the book is printed on very good quality paper. And I can accept that some of the original photos may have been poor but even ones that I have seen before look smudged or photocopied.