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Henk Welting
8th January 2008, 15:50
What caused the death of Sgt (Pilot) Walter HENDERSON - 748484, previous reported missing later presumed killed on active service (Flight Global), buried Horden (St.Mary) Church Cem., Durham County (UK356).
It's possible that he was on one of the two Blackburn aircraft (G-ACLC and G-ADFS) that collided mid air and came down in the River Humber.
Regards and thanks for your help.

Andy Ingham
8th January 2008, 16:35
Hello Henk
His death was registered at Scunthorpe which is on the south bank of the Humber so could very well be one of the pilots of the A/C you mention.

Henk Welting
8th January 2008, 17:01
Thanks Andy, now let's wait for the a/c registration !

4th August 2018, 14:44
I am not sure whether I can add very much here but I am Shaun Haselden a relative of James H Haselden the pilot instructor who was flying G-ACLC on that very day. James would have been my uncle had he lived long enough. It was in his memory that I grew up with an obsession for military aircraft especially WWII and the inter war period.

In fact I now live in the village of Tetney very close to RAF Grimsby (Waltham) where James learned to fly as part of the Civil Air Guard.

Alex Smart
13th August 2021, 23:48

400624 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24 - 06 - 1940

From Henk's list -

DAVIES, Frank Leonard - AC2c - 938110 - RAFVR.
Shrewsbury General Cemetery, Shropshire, UK.
Cause of death ?

SMITH, Herbert Edward George - Cpl - 521231 - RAF.
Norwich Cemetery, Norfolk, UK.
Cause of death ?

SWARBRICK, James - AC2c - 978065 - RAFVR.
Preston ( New Hall Lane ) Cemetery, Lancashire, UK.
Cause of death ?

From CWGC -

TONER, James Patrick - Lac - 610188 - RAF.
Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
Blenheim I - L8522 - 113 Sqn.

GOODWIN, Barry Laughton - P/O - 90504 - RAF(AAF).
Chaddesley Corbett (St. Cassian ) Churchyard, Worcestershire, UK.
Hurricane I - L2115 - 605 Sqn.

HENDERSON, Walter - Sgt - 748484 - RAFVR.
Horden ( Thorpe Road ) Cemetery, Durham, UK.
Blackburn B.2 - G-ADFS - 4 EFTS.

BORROWS, James Francis - Sgt - 624811 - RAF.
HUGHES, Hugh Glanvor - Sgt - 580302 - RAF.
JOLLIFFE, Peter Slade - F/Lt - 33262 - RAF.
These three airmen were crew of Blenheim IV - R3826

LONGSTAFF, Stanley - Sgt - 755125 - RAFVR.
NORFOLK, Alan Bernard - Sgt - 751127 - RAFVR.
PRICE, James - Sgt - 626267 - RAF.
These three airmen were crew of Blenheim IV - L9409 - 254 Sqn.

The six airmen named above are all commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, UK.


14th August 2021, 09:54

610188 LAC (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) James Patrick TONER RAF, is listed on the CWGC as dying on the 29th June, 1940. Most reputable sources agree:

https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/1282819/JAMES PATRICK TONER/


MAW1/Shores et al/pp.30-1

and ...



14th August 2021, 10:07

SWARBRICK, James - AC2c - 978065 - the inquest into his death was reeported in the Essex Newsman of July 6th 1940. He was killed when travelling in a lorry on the Brentwood to Tilbury road. He was sitting on the side of the lorry, rather than on the floor as instructed, when he was struck by a telegraph pole near the side of the road, and died at hospital at Orsett. A verdict of "accidental death' was recorded.



Alex Smart
15th August 2021, 01:41
Hello Col,
I did see the 29th but the first attachment on the CWGC page gives the 24th ?
Thank you for the extra details.

Alex Smart
15th August 2021, 01:44
Thank you Simon for the details of Swarbrick's death.

18th February 2022, 16:51
Frank Leonard Davies 938110 , attached to Number 2 Recruits Centre, was admitted to RAF Hospital, Henlow on 24 April where he died of lobar pneumonia and pericarditis

10th October 2022, 16:11
Herbert Edward George Smith 521231 , attached to RAF Coltishall , died in the Norwich and Norfolk hospital, of a sub arachnoid haemorrhage, with his mother in law, Alice Mullarkey of 30 Beaconsfield Road, Norwich, present at death

This Information was obtained from a GRO death certificate kindly sponsored by Jon Moore of Bristol