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11th August 2009, 17:39
Firstly I wish to thank all the members of this forum for their tremendous help with my research. Without your answers to my questions along with the additional information you supplied, the completion of my father's story as a Pathfinder pilot would have been much more difficult.
I am happy to say the book is now published and available through the Authorhouse.com bookstore in both soft cover and hard cover copies. Please visit their website and under free preview you will find a synopsis of the book, written by Sean Feast, author of Carried on the Wind, Heroic Endeavour, Master Bombers and just launched A Pathfinders War.
Again my heartfelt thanks for all your assistance on this 3 1/2 year amazing journey.

Leslie Trotter Zwingli

26th August 2009, 00:54
My copy of this wonderful book arrived today and like Pappy Elliot who is quoted in it I, too, could not put it down until I was finished.

Leslie, you and Al are to be commended for what is an excellent read.