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29th August 2009, 14:49
Please be aware that there exists a .pdf doc with a list of UK Air Force(s) Service Numbers at http://www.ab-ix.co.uk/rfc_raf.pdf. This List only goes a far as 4099999 whereas Wg Cdr Jim Routledge's List - originally posted from The Orders and Medals Research Society publication - goes up to 8456000 (Dec 1987). The advantage of the 'new' List is that it shows those numbers Never Issued, and the highest number ever issued in any Block where that number was not the last number of the Block.
I have not done a total check of the differences, but the Numerologists should be aware there are some! I am aware that this is a somewhat arcane subject, but it can be the light at the end of many tunnels (usually an oncoming train!!) when all else has failed!
Peter Davies

29th August 2009, 15:58
That list is at this old thread also.