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2nd October 2009, 12:40
I'm trying to locate a copy of Alan W Cooper's book 'We act with one accord,35 pathfinders'
it was published by J&HK Publishing, Hailsham in 1998. isbn 1900511835.
I have tried e-bay and the usual second hand book sites without success.
Does anyone know of a copy that I might beg borrow steal exchange buy barter etc etc

2nd October 2009, 19:22
Hi Paul,
I tried with bookfinder.com with a negative result but with this comment:
"A third-party catalog of books indicates that the following book or books are currently in print. Unfortunately, none of the 150,000+ booksellers whose inventories we search appear to have any copies for sale.
It's possible that the book may be available from the publisher; please contact the publisher for further details. A general search engine (e.g. Google) may help you track down the publisher, or you can try asking your local reference librarian for help."

Have you tried to contact the publisher?

2nd October 2009, 22:35
Thanks for suggestion Peter.I have tried to locate publisher using 118 and companies houise again without success. My local library cannot trace a copy either.
I'll keep trying, and hope I can find copy. I'm mostly interested in period 2/7/1944 to 18/11/1945 and especially around December 1944 when I believe my late father was wounded by flak.I think he went to Ely RAF Hospital.

3rd October 2009, 09:30
Try these 2 sites found by google .The first one is RAF Ely Hospital Assoc.I've no idea of the dates of this website or if it's still running but should be your best bet for "did anyone know my father " ??


Below is Forces Reunited which is a general forum with other activities .


20th October 2009, 20:54
Hi Paul,

Ive got a copy if you are after something specific - my Grandfather served on 35 squadron and was shot down in June 1943 over Krefeld - along with several other 35 aircraft - iirc it was the most shot down from any one squadron in 1943

I'm in New Zealand so probably a bit far to just be borrowed :-)

Stein Meum
20th October 2009, 21:46
Haven't heard about this book until now. Several Norwegians served on the Squadron during 1943-44. Would you be able to see whether they are mentioned or not in the book?

Stein M.

20th October 2009, 21:58
Hei hei Stein,

Do you have the names of the Norwegians who served and I can take a look in my copy. If you know the approximate period they were there too it is helpful as the book is chronological.


Marcel L.
9th January 2014, 14:36
it would be nice if somebody could send me the pages concerning the beginning of December 1943, maybe describing the 5th raid on Berlin.