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Andy in West Oz
19th October 2009, 10:19
Have just become aware of this book and thought it'd be of interest after speaking with the author.

New Zealand author Richard Stowers, author of Bloody Gallipoli and Waikato Troopers, is seeking expressions of interest in his new book about Wing Commander Fraser Barron. Barron flew 79 raids over Europe before his death in a collision over Le Mans, France, in May 1944. His stellar wartime career saw him rise from Sergeant to Wing Commander and receive his multiple honours in just three years of service.

Fraser was an outstanding bomber captain whose skill, bravery, determination and complete disregard for his personal safety were paramount. He was one of those young airmen who never showed fear and didn't know when to call it quits.

Richard's book will be available shortly and it consists of 156 pages in a landscape format with more than 80 photographs and illustrations. It will be available direct from the author:

Mr Richard Stowers
62b Matangi Road
Hamilton 3284
New Zealand

rstowersATxtra.co.nz (replace AT with @ of course)
+64 7 8566133

Errol Martyn
19th October 2009, 10:29
For those not familiar with Barron and his meteoric but short-lived career, here is his bio entry as it appears in my 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume Three: Biographies & Appendices)':

BARRON, Wing Commander James Fraser, DSO*, DFC, DFM, (pff).
NZ401749 (prev A401749); b Dunedin 9 Jan 21; Waitaki BHS, Oamaru; clerk - Mines Dept, Wgtn. RNZAF Levin/GTS as Airman Pilot u/t 2 Jul 40, 1EFTS 29 Jul 40, 1st solo 9 Aug 40, 1FTS 28 Sep 40, Pilots Badge [wef 12.12.40] & Sgt 18 Jan 41, att RAF & emb for UK 30 Jan 41, 3PRC 6 Mar 41, 20OTU (Wellington) 10 Mar 41, e/f & ditched (uninj) 17/18 Jun 41, 15 Sqn (Stirling - 44 ops) 28 Jun 41 [att 4BATF (Wellington) 5-8 Aug, att 1651CU (Stirling) 11-27 May 42], c/ldg on return from op to Ruhr (uninj) 25 Nov 41, Comm 23 Mar 42, 1651CU (Stirling - 4 ops) as instr 14 Jun 42, 7 Sqn (Stirling - 16 ops) 21 Sep 42, PFF Badge 8 Dec 42, 16OTU (Wellington) 2 Mar 43 [att 92GIF (Wellington) for cse c.4-12 Mar], 11OTU (Wellington) as instr 14 Mar 43, 7 Sqn (Lancaster - 19 ops) 28 Dec 43, kao 20 May 44. Le Mans West Cemetery - 21.C. joint grave 20, Sarthe, France. Son of James & Winifred Ellen Barron (née Fraser), Palmerston. Note: rose from Flt Sgt to Wg Cdr in 23 mths, also flew as Master Bomber on several raids. First RNZAF airman to win triple awards of DSO, DFC & DFM. [OHT1, OHT2, BSD & phot. TWN 24.6.42, 7.4.43, 11.8.43 & 4.10.44].


Andy in West Oz
19th October 2009, 22:09
Thanks Errol, I was flitting around a bit yesterday and it didn't even occur to me to check my FYTs.