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18th November 2007, 00:17
This is left over business from the old board. I have received today the following message which is self-explanatory. Hopefully, those who were inquiring previously have re-registered on the new board:

"Dear Mr Halliday

"I picked up on a trawl through the internet a website RAF Commands where in early October there was a succession of exchanges trying to identify an Unidentified Offficer connected with Devon & there was some suggestion it might relate to my father TONY BALLAUFF. Whilst there are minor family connections with Devon I don't think that my father is the person iin question as he died in Camberley, Surrey in November 1948 & is buried in Camberley.

"I am not sure how the RAF Commands website works but if you could forward back to the initiator of the request for information "Tonym" (DCForum ID6, Thread No 17376) the above information it might help him.


"Chris(topher) BALLAUFF"