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29th November 2009, 23:16
Excuse the silly PC thread title.

people will be glad to hear that I have completed the review of Henk's Unaccounted airmen/women theads up to 20th September 1941. From that date onwards we were using the Service Aviation pages that I compiled to reduce the search scope.

I'll try continue the review from 20th Sep 1941 onwards but I'm hoping we completed each of those dates using the same procedures we do now and thus there will be less blanket messaging from myself. Sorry for pushing any messages off the forum over last few weeks/months.

I did notice there were some 1940 threads I missed from this..!! I'll back feed them in to this and try to add llinks from the old forum.

Here is a quick index page of the thread links I created from my excel sheet,

You may as well ignore my comments as they make sense only to me!! And even then thats a stretch. Basically if there is an outstanding piece of information I should have mentioned it in the comments column. The minimum info I hoped Henk would get in each of these were:
A status from RAF Casualty lists: i.e. KOAS or DOAS or Died of Wounds..... etc

A death registration district. We are missing Northern Ireland data and Isle of Man, Ireland (Eire) data can now be obtained.

Girlfriend returns from 3 week business trip next week so work rate will fall ;-) haha.

21st September 2011, 16:21
Threads are now updated to 13 August 1943 in the spread sheet.


Hopefully the links all work. Can't beleive I started this in 2009.
Work rate has fallen and I just got engaged so I guess work rate will dry up now!!

Henk, others can you try out the links.
(Corrected the link based on message below)

21st September 2011, 17:14

Think there's a slight error in your link; it should be

http://www.skynet.ie/~dan/war/henksthreads.html (the 'l' at the end was missing).


Yes, apologies Dennis, please accept my sincere congratulations as well.

21st September 2011, 17:39
Hi Dennis
Congratulations on the engagement!!
Best Wishes to you both

21st September 2011, 21:18
Hi Dennis,
Congratulations and all best wishes on your engagement.

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21st September 2011, 21:37
Dennis ,
best wishes to the both of you and congratulations
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Henk Welting
22nd September 2011, 16:55
Congratulations Dennis to both of you. Do hope we won't miss you more often on the board although your fiancée will have her right on your leisure time as well !
I could open all "henksthreads" up to 430813 and the three of 1944.

27th July 2012, 08:57
Henks thread list is updated to the last one he started which was 23 September 1943


Do we have the wherewithal to continue this little project ourselves? At a very basic level I'd like to continue looking at RAF men with no unit listed by CWGC at a bare minimum, looking also at the DOAS and KOAS lists in Flight magazine. I can't afford to go out and buy copies of all the Chorleys, Franks, Cummins, et all I would be open to geting the AB crash listing magazien though.


27th July 2012, 09:18
For the reasons I have outlined before I will not allow the forum to replace "Lost Bombers" et al as a transcriber host for copyright material.

Henk was meticulous in only posting questions where he was unable to glean the information from other sources.

I think that the best way would be for the custodians of Henk's files to continue posting "Unaccounted Airmen" threads and for a group to add the edited Air Britain possibles when the lists are released.


27th July 2012, 09:29
Very tiring having to defend oneself on here all the time nowadays Ross, I meant that I'm not going out buying them so that I can avoid mentioning them. I've enough gumption to figure out if seven men from a BC crew are buried in Reichwald they are (most likely) in BC losses and don't need to be mentioned.

I posted on a good few hundred of those threads, I've a fair good idea of what the purpose of them was.

My suggestion is not welcome I take it then.

27th July 2012, 09:47
You are reading too much into my reply.

I was simply placing limits, with my reasons, on any proposed project on this forum and saying that Henk's work had been transferred to others.

This also contained unpublished files beyond the September 1943 posts on here with all the copyright information already entered and collated.

The starting point and lead should be from his files and under the guidance of those he gifted the files to rather than starting from scratch again for Oct 1943 onwards.


27th July 2012, 10:27

1. Could I suggest that an explanation is placed at the start of the list explaining what it is and how it came about - and the source of the information (Henk on RAFCOmmands)? Regular visitors to RAFCommands will appreciate Henks work and what he was attempting, but 'Unaccounted Airpersons' does not really describe the contents since many of those listed, whilst members of the RAF/RAFVR/WAAF, are not aircrew.

I'm unclear myself as to what Henk ultimately envisaged doing with his research; was it to be published in any form so that someone researching an individual would have a starting (or should that be "end") point?

2. The second 'link' (for 6.7.40) is missing.

Hope I've not boobed as I did when you first posted last September.


27th July 2012, 10:44
Re what Henk wanted to do...

I asked him once, he said he only hoped to stay alive long enough to complete it (sadly not to be) - I suggested online database or CD/DVD but I believe at his age this would have been a bit to much and he was non committal be all he wanted to do was to see his work was

a) His corrections to previously published work properly recognised, (even if it was a one line in acknowledgments) - however much of the nature of the works of refernece is that after 1 edition they are very unlikely to be printed again. There being one exception where updates were issued using some of his information but uncredited which I think upset him (but didnt stop sending more) says more about him than them!...

b) his work being freely available in any source for future reference with again his credit, he was mediclous in crediting the name of a late dutch researcher (who's name I sadly cannot recall at the moment) in his own answers to questions and he deserves the same accolade


27th July 2012, 10:48
Hans de Haan??
Peter Davies

27th July 2012, 10:57

Yes thankyou "Hans de Haan" it was


27th July 2012, 13:00
Perhaps in time, Mrs Welting may be able to give the answer we all seek.


27th July 2012, 16:32
Hi chaps,

I do not like themes like this but I want do add my little note - I was discussing the same matter with Henk just last month and he wrote me:
All my digital info on allied aircraft losses (except USAAF) world wide is also on an extern 1 TB hd and will go to the SGLO (Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945 = Studygroup Air War) which I’m a member of. I do hope they ever will find a possibility to add my collected info to their already existing and excellent website ad make the info available to people with interest in this subject.

So I think it would be better to discuss it with them at first avoiding to have two similar projects?