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22nd December 2009, 17:16
Colin Cummings Category 5 & CD Supplement

About this time of year evey 2 years or so I get a welcome letter in the post telling me what Colin Cummings will be issuing next..

Anyway it is a new book called Category 5 which is:

Amalgamation of the books 'Lost to Service' and 'To Fly No more' PLUS:

New Information about many accidentgs from 1963 onwards
All new accident infomation from 1996 to November 2009
Summary of losses of air cadet gliders

800 Pages

He says he will also produce a CD for those who already have the books and do not want the new books but merely the updates.. However I will be updating my collection.

He says Category 5 will retail at 22.00 plus 3.00 p&P and the CD at 4.50 inclusive of P &P

I have no idea of publication date, but assume early 2010

If you want his contact details email me or pm me!


22nd December 2009, 20:51
Hi Paul

I had noticed that Amazon were advertising the release date as 1 Feb 2010, but as Amazon have recently disappointed me with their estimations I didn't get too excited. Your message implies that this date may in fact be true.

I look forward to adding to my Cummings collection.


23rd December 2009, 16:23
It looks CC has taken an add in the latest issue of Flypast Magazine aswell. He is currently taking advance orders for the book.

23rd December 2009, 22:40
Email from Colin Cummings

"Although the CD's available now (it's home produced), the book will be with me in the first week of January from the printers."

6th January 2010, 14:33
Book arrived at Colin's place yesterday (beat the snow) !!!