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23rd January 2008, 19:49
Peter Cornwalls new opus is out over 3 weeks earlier than indicated - I am looking at it now-

We'll done Peter and thanks for giving us so much detail on this campaign - if this is Not on your dt - it should be!

Peter Cornwell
24th January 2008, 14:44
Hello Paul,

Glad you like it. Hope it gives you many hours of interest & proves a useful reference source for you.

24th January 2008, 14:51
hello Peter,

Do you confirm the book signing session at The Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells on 23rd February ? Ads in Aeroplane mentions veterans also attending ?



Peter Cornwell
24th January 2008, 18:24
Hello Joss,

Yes confirmed. I will be there from 11.00 - 3.00 together with Peter Ayerst ex-No. 73 Squadron pilot during the Battle of France and, hopefully, also Alex Speedie & Les Armstrong who were members of the groundcrew. Sadly, the veterans are getting rather thin on the ground these days.

25th January 2008, 10:26
hello Peter,

Thanks for answering. I had decided to buy your book when you mentioned it here.
I'm considering coming to Tunbridge Wells from France on 23rd February. During my last visit to The Aviation Bookshop last July, it was on a day when the owner decided to close earlier than usual (he just stuck a note on the door).

Always worth to add signatures to a book, and obviously to have the opportunity to talk to veterans and authors.


Peter Cornwell
25th January 2008, 15:45
Hello Joss,

If you are able to make it over on the 23rd I will be happy to see you.

Peter C

19th February 2008, 13:41
What a strange coincidence,i've just purchased a secondhand copy of squadrons up by Noel Monks "Being an account of the exploits in France of the R.A.F."circa 1940,when i've read tis i must buy Peters book just to get a modern perspective on the same battle.It's a funny feeling hearing of the new wonder fighter the Hurricane Vs its contempory ME110,skipping the pages & reading of the R.A.F.'s exploits even before BOB,Dunkirk isn't mentioned,the Bob Hasn't begun ,even leaving aside the strictures of the censor,it's a fascinating read,originally 12/6 i bought it for the princely sum of $25 in a Fremantle bookshop can't wait to read them both.


Bart FM Droog
20th March 2008, 20:59
This online Time-article from May 27, 1940: <a href='http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,884097-1,00.html'>R.A.F. against odds</a> is amazing to read also.



16th May 2008, 11:32
Naval and Military Press have a sale on and the book is currently 22% (10) off. Just in case anyone hasn't already bought a copy :-)



(Ross, please remove if you think post is inappropriate - I have nothing to do with NMP except having spent a fortune on there!)

24th May 2008, 21:41
Hi Amrit,

Thanks for the tip about the 22% discount from NMP. My copy arrived today - what a FANTASTIC book!!

Kind regards,
Mark H (LKBS)