View Full Version : House of Commons Hansard 1803-2005

Steve Brew
3rd January 2010, 01:44
A post elsewhere on this forum gave me the nudge to post a link that many of you may find useful, but may be unaware of.

The House of Commons as posted its entire Hansard from 1803 to 2005 on the internet, but I assume that of the 20th Century, particularly the 1940s, is what will interest most: http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/sittings/C20

If you are looking for Chamberlain's speeches (e.g. 3 Sep 1939), or Churchill's (e.g. "Never in the field of human conflict..."), or statements on many other parts of the War (e.g. the V1 threat to the UK in 1944), this is the place to look as an original source document, which includes exact and clear information on citing and copyright. The site includes a search function, although it appears to search the entire 1803-2005 records and it is not possible to only search 1945, for example.

Although you need to register for a Parliamentary Licence to quote from Hansard, this can be done online and costs nothing. I have found it to be easy and very helpful and have therefore been able to quote Churchill, amongst others, quite legally and easily, with a simple copy-and-paste.

I hope you find this of interest.