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17th February 2010, 11:08
HICKS, William John, Acting Flight Sergeant (932420, RAFVR*) - Station Burnham - British Empire Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 13 June 1946. Public Record Office Air 2/9668, courtesy of Tom Thorne, has citation.

"Flight Sergeant Hicks is a Senior Investigator attached to the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Air Force Police. During the two years he has held this appointment he has shown outstanding zeal and devotion to dutyand has skillfully conducted a number of difficult and delicate investigations. His work has necessitated employment in many parts of the British Isles without regard to recognised hours of duty, rest days or leave periods. He has never spared himself and his assignments have always been discharged cheerfully and with enthusiasm. This Non-Commissioned Officer speaks German and as a result of this and his personal qualities and wide experience he was specially selected to be one of the team of investigators engaged in bringing to justice the Germans responsible for the murder of 50 Royal Air Force officer prisoners of war. Flight Sergeant Hicks voluntarily postponed his release from the Service in order that his knowledge and experience might help to bring this very important case to a successful conclusion. His action in so doing will involve him in a very considerable sacrifice."

17th February 2010, 11:46
For those that are interested, the 'Great Escape' murder enquiry is the subject of an indepth study by author, Peter Davies. The Investigation Team are listed. In my opinion, the book is well worth the cover price.


Steve Davies
7th May 2010, 19:11
For those of you interested in this subject, may I introduce myself as the author of the book, 'RAF Police - The Great Escape Murders'. All information can be obtained from my website Http://rafpolicehistory.blogspot.com

Regards..... Stephen R Davies (not Peter Davies!!)