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29th January 2008, 19:14
Hello members,

I am looking for the registration of a Halifax-bomber who was crashed on 30th of August 1942, the plane was shot down through a German fighter and came down in the Laacher See.
Also lay into the Lake an American fighter type P-47 Thunderbold, I don't know when these plane came down and his registraton and serialnumber is unknown.
But I have the serialnumber of the Halifax plane these is BB214,the sqn.103 and his registration begins with PM-?
I have also the names of the crewmembers of the plane.
The crew was
Sgt.H.G.Dryhurst POW
Sgt.J.W.Platt +
Sgt.A.R.Roberts,RAAF POW
P/O M.M.Morrison,RACF +
F/S J.J.Carey,RACF +
Sgt.B.F.Hughes,RNZAF POW
Sgt.J.L.MacLachain +
Who can help me with to find this registration of that plane?
I will thanks everyone who help to find out.
You can send your information to my email address a.vdbijl2@chello.nl.

With kind regards,
Mr.Abe v.d.Bijl,
The Netherlands.