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Henk Welting
23rd February 2010, 15:24
What were the places of death registration for:

LAC Arthur GREEN - 947547 - 172 Sqn (Chivenor, Devon), and
LAC Sidney F. STEDMAN - 1312368 - age 28,

both died on active service.


23rd February 2010, 16:18
Stedman.......N.E. Cheshire.
Green....Sturminster, Dorset.

Henk Welting
26th February 2010, 12:15
Thanks AlanW, same excuses for late answer from this side.

22nd November 2013, 10:38
Although not mentioned in this thread, I have stumbled across information appertaining to the death of 647957 LAC George William FRANCE RAF who died on 11 Jan 43 and is buried in Port Said War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. He was a member of the Marine Repair Base, Port Said, M.E. The ORB statesthat LAC France ‘left the Eldorado Cinema through wrong door, whilst hurrying to the lavatory and in the black-out collided against a balcony rail, falling to the street 27 feet below.’ He died from a fractured skull.

7th April 2016, 00:48
Ancestry.com loaded up a record group today that includes
ADM 104: Service Registers and Registers of Deaths and Injuries Piece 115: Registers of Reports of Deaths: Ships (1943)

AC1 A Green died of Fractured skull in RNH Sherborne.

6th February 2018, 11:11

LAC Arthur GREEN - 947547 - the Lancashire Evening Post of January 14th reported the following:

Aircraftman Arthur Green, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Green, of Eastbank Street, Southport, and husband of Mrs. Eva Ruth Green, of Haskayne, has died in hospital after a cycling accident. His father, a wholesale newsagent, is a director of Southport Football Club. An old boy of King George V School, and a member of Hillside Golf Club, Aircraftman Green had been serving in the R.A.F. for three years.



4th January 2022, 21:08
Geoffrey William Newell 1198368 , attached to 111 OTU , was dangerously injured in a road accident at RAF Nassau on 7 January and was admitted to the US Army Engineers hospital where he died of multiple injuries to the right leg

14th July 2022, 19:53
Herbert Stokes 1029323 , was admitted dangerously ill to Number 96 General hospital on 22 December where he died of acute heart failure

3rd September 2022, 14:01
Ibrahim Suliman P/809 , attached to Number 54 Arab Company in Dubai , was accidently shot, dying in Sharjah hospital the following day

26th April 2023, 14:13
Sidney Frank Stedman 1312368 | attached to 61 MU | died at the unit site at Handforth at 22:00 Hours of cardiac muscle failure due to chronic nephritis