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30th January 2008, 12:56
Firstly let me give you four extracts from the 460 Sqdn Operations Record Book:

3/4/43 Lancaster W4310 – F. S/L Speake DFC on operation to Essen. Time down 2149 hrs.
3/4/43 Lancaster W4210 – C bar. F/O K Moore DFC on operation to Essen. Time down 0027 hrs.

4/4/43 Lancaster W4310 – F. P/O Hudson DFC on operation to Kiel. Time down 0203 hrs.
4/4/43 Lancaster W4310 – C bar. F/O K Moore DFC on operation to Kiel. Failed to return.

This looks like a simple case of a wrong serial number for F/O Moore’s aircraft on 4/4/43, so if you substitute W4210 for W4310 on that operation, all appears well. But it isn’t, as ‘W4210’ is not a valid serial number!

Chorley records the loss of W4310 on 4/4/43, but as UV-C bar, yet it’s recorded as coming back with P/O Hudson as UV-F from that operation, although it doesn’t appear subsequently with 460 Sqdn or any other unit as far as I can tell.

The Aircraft Movement Card for W4310 doesn’t help at all, as it records W4310 as Cat E (Missing) on 30/3/43, five days beforehand and on a date when no 460 Sqdn losses are recorded!

If we accept that F/O Moore and crew were lost with W4310 UV-C bar, then which aircraft had become ‘UV-F’? All through January and February 1943, this was W4310.

Has anybody got logbooks or any other documents that might throw some light on this, or any ideas? I’m baffled!