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Henk Welting
7th March 2010, 15:59
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service:
Sgt (WOp/Ag) Ernest GREENWOOD - 1030029.

B - Died on active service:
AC2 George E. BROWN - 1804479;
AC1 Walter W.J. CLAMP - 1287373 - age 43 - 909/910 (Balloon) Sqn (East Ham, London);
AC2 Edward H. STANBROOK - 1872646;
LAC Robert H. STEVENSON - 1348051, and
AC2 William WOOD - 1416907 - age 28.

C - Proposed aircraft loss:
Whitley VII - Z9135 - 3 (C)OTU - crashed in forced landing Hubberts Bridge, Lincolnshire (already as a casualty on this a/c: F/O T.E. BACH - RCAF J/22560).

Regards and thanks for your help.

7th March 2010, 16:05
Hi Henk

Sgt (WOp/Ag) Ernest GREENWOOD - 1030029. - he has been mentioned on a previous thread as a possibility for 7 (C) OTU, Wellington, HX430

AC2 George E. BROWN - 1804479; - Stratford, Warwickshire
AC1 Walter W.J. CLAMP - 1287373 - age 43 - 909/910 (Balloon) Sqn (East Ham, London); - Ilford, Essex

AC2 Edward H. STANBROOK - 1872646; - Biggleswade, Beds (CWGC states 2 Feb 1943)
LAC Robert H. STEVENSON - 1348051, - not Eng/Wales
AC2 William WOOD - 1416907 - age 28. - Millom, Cumberland


7th March 2010, 19:12
Stevenson's name is not appearing when i search on Scotlands poeple so unless its a spellign difference, maybe he was in Northern Ireland or elsewhere.

Martyn A Critchlow
7th March 2010, 19:59
STEVENSON is shown on his grave as 'died suddenly at Limavady Ireland' on his grave stone at the this Scottish War Graves website.



Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 11:24
Thanks friends for your much appreciated help.
Best regards from a snow covered Holland,

Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 13:22
STANBROOK was twice in my files; corrected. CWGC date 2nd "January" 1943. (Had him 430102 and 430201 !).

8th March 2010, 14:52
Here are the ORB entries from the 2 (O)AFU record book relating to AC2 Wood

February 1st 1943, “1416907 AC2 Wood, W. killed by collision with rotating propeller of Anson AX558.”

February 1st 1943, Station Sick Quarters, “Information received at 18.50 hrs that No.1406909 Wood W. Bomb Armourer had walked into a revolving airscrew. Senior Medical Officer proceeded to the spot to find that the a/m armourer had been killed almost instantaneously. He sustained fractured skull and multiple wounds.”

Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 17:02
Thanks Al for info on AC2 WOOD. Amended my file.

8th February 2018, 12:07

Sgt (WOp/Ag) Ernest GREENWOOD - 1030029 - the Graves Registration Report Form confirms his unit as 7 (C) O.T.U., and Alan Storr lists him as a crew member of HX430 - the Observer was 408619 Sgt. Colin Bruce Berger R.A.A.F.

AC2 George E. BROWN - 1804479 - the Burials Register for the Parish of Shirley has his adode as the Joint Isolation Hospital, Straford-upon-Avon.

AC1 Walter W.J. CLAMP - 1287373 - the Mid Sussex Times of February 17th 1943 reported the following:

The death occurred in hospital at Woodford, Essex, of Leading Aircraftman Walter W. J. Clamp, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Clamp, of 5, Manor Cottages, Manor Road, Burgess Hill. Aircraftman Clamp had undergone an operation, and complications ensued. Forty three years of age, he had served for two years. In the last war he joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 17. He leaves a widow and a 12 year old son.



12th February 2021, 13:55
Harold James Nix 1309569 is only listed as MISSING in his official recird

12th February 2021, 13:56
Donald William Warwick 1309880 is listed as MISSING in his official records

6th June 2021, 14:42
Emlyn Roberts 1161102 was reported missing as a battle casualty in the fall of Singapore with a presumed date of death of 14 February 1942

2nd July 2021, 23:40
Leonard Charles White 1334768 , died in the Queen Alexandra Sanatorium , London, Ontario, of pulmonary tuberculosis

4th July 2021, 13:09
Gerald Austin Magee R 145886 , collapsed and died after a snowball fight, his official cause of death was asphyxia

21st October 2021, 19:02
William Charles Walker 1401823 , was reported missing as a bombing casualty

21st October 2021, 19:06
Harold James Nix 1309569 , and

Donald William Warwick 1309880

were both reported killed by bombing whilst off duty. A returning POW questionnaire number J960 stated that both had been killed in a gun post at Kalijati, Java

13th December 2022, 16:20
George Edward Brown 1804479 , attached to Number 9 ITW, was admitted dangerously ill to the Joint Isolation hospital at Stratford Upon Avon on 27 January, where he died at 04:00 Hours of septacemia

2nd February 2023, 18:42
Walter William John Clamp 1287373 , died in Claybury hospital, Woodford, of anaemia