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Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 11:07
Ldg Airman Michael M. BEACHCROFT - FAA/FX.90853 - 31 SFTS, Kingston, Ontario (HMS Canada) was killed in an air crash and lies buried at Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery. Looking for info on aircraft and possible other crew.
Regards and thanks for your help.

Bill Walker
8th March 2010, 12:42
Beechcroft was flying Harvard AJ645, which collided with Harvard AJ643 flown by P/O A.D. Walford during formation practice near Westbrook (4 miles north of Kingston aerodrome). Both persons mentioned were killed, no information on any other occupants. The squadron diary lists Beechcroft's rank as Acting Leading Airman, which was common for FAA student pilots.

Just noticed that I wrote "Beechcroft" in my notes made from the squadron diary - that doesn't necessarily mean it is right!.

Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 12:58
Thanks Bill. Best regards from 'Pays Bas'.

Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 13:50
"They Shall Grow Not Old" (Allison) has WALFORD on Harvard AJ645.

Alex Smart
8th March 2010, 13:59

AB's the Harvard File has -
AJ645 - 31 SFTS - Collided with AJ643 and crashed 2.2.43.
AJ643 - 31 SFTS - Collided with AJ645 and crashed 2.2.43.

And FAA Aircraft 1939 to 1945 has name as Beachcroft. LA. M. M. RAF, 2.2.45.

All the best

Henk Welting
8th March 2010, 16:52
Do believe that "1945" for BEACHCROFT in FAA Aircraft may be a printing error.

Bill Walker
8th March 2010, 18:05
Henk, the Squadron diary had Beachcroft on AJ645, but that could be a mistake. Hopefully Dakota has more information.

By the way, AJ643 was repaired and returned to service, and survived in RCAF survice until sold as a training aid in 1960.

Just had a thought, maybe Beachcroft and Walford were both in AJ645?

8th March 2010, 20:16
G’day Chaps

The mid-air accident occurred at 14:30 hours over Westbrook, Ontario while the pair were engaged in formation flying.

Harvard Mk. II s/n AJ645
Pilot – 46513 F/L P. Paterson – Uninjured
Pilot – 430202 P/O A. D. Walford – Killed

Harvard Mk. II s/n AJ643
Pupil Pilot – 90853 A.L.A. M. M. Beechcroft – Killed
Pupil Pilot – 90727 A. L. A. M A. Vickers – Slightly Injured
This aircraft sustained Category ‘B’ damage


8th March 2010, 20:20
Both men were in the one Harvard, according to a story in the Toronto Star, from 3 Feb, the following day. The crew of the other a/c were not injured. One victim was an instructor.

Chris, just saw your contribution made while I was typing. Does it make sense that there were two officers in one plane and two students in the other?

8th March 2010, 20:50
G'day Dave

That's what is on the accident record card.


8th March 2010, 21:01
G'day Dave

Harvard Mk. II s/n AJ645 sustained Category A damage and was subsequently written off on the 14th of April, 1943.

Base on the gen in the newspaper story, it's quite possible that there has been a clerical error by someone at No. 31 S.F.T.S.