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Henk Welting
13th March 2010, 13:50
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found in Flight archives:
LAC Sidney BROUGH - 872300 - 942 (Balloon) Sqn (Sutton-on-Hull, Humberside).

B - Killed on active service:
AC2 (WOp/Ag) Kenneth R.H. JONES - 1384908, and
Sgt (Obs/WOp) Kenneth W. MOORE - 1049969.

C - Also looking for info on the death of:
Sgt (Pilot) Reginald T. DAVIES - 1320332 - listed in Flight as "Missing", however lies buried Neath (Llantwit) Cem., Tonna, Glamorganshire.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Blenheim I - L6784 - 12 (P)AFU - flew into ground Ropsley, Lincolnshire.
Blenheim IV - T1864 - 54 OTU - flew into ground at night Greatridgehall, 5 miles WSW of Kelso, Roxburgh.
Oxford I - V3948 - 14 (P)AFU - dived into ground Flooton Field, Cowbit, 4 miles SE of Spalding, Lincolnshire (already as a casualty on this a/c: P/O [Pilot] D.R. REID - RCAF J/14567).
Whitley III - K8992 - 7 AGS - crashed on landing Stormy Down.
Defiant II - N1551 - 6 FPP - abandoned High Carley Sanitorium, Carley Lane, Lindal in Furness, near Ulverston, Lancashire.
Master II - DL186 - 2 FIS - crashed on approach Stracathro LG.

Regards and thanks for your help.

13th March 2010, 15:07
Hi Henk

AC Sidney BROUGH - 872300 - 942 (Balloon) Sqn (Sutton-on-Hull, Humberside) - Hull, 2nd Quarter. Hull is in East Yorkshire, Humberside only existed from the 1970's and has thankfully once again been abolished

AC2 (WOp/Ag) Kenneth R.H. JONES - 1384908, - Spalding - V3948?
Sgt (Obs/WOp) Kenneth W. MOORE - 1049969. - not Eng/Wales

Sgt (Pilot) Reginald T. DAVIES - 1320332 - there was a 33 yr old registered in Cardiff?


Henk Welting
13th March 2010, 15:58
Thanks Malcolm. Let's wait and see what Dick has on the Blenheims.

13th March 2010, 16:27

Warner's Blenheim has Davies and Moore on T1864. No fatalities on L6784, D Adams (solo) injured.



Henk Welting
14th March 2010, 14:29
Thanks Dick for info on Blenheim T1864 and it's crew.

2nd April 2010, 12:16

Sgt. Kenneth Wilson Moore - 1049969 : Makerstoun in the County of Roxburgh, Scotland. Reginald Thomas Davies is on the same page of the Statutory Death Record and would appear to have been involved in the same accident.

Best wishes


Henk Welting
2nd April 2010, 15:02
Thanks Douglas. Yes, MOORE and DAVIES both were killed on Blenheim T1864 of 54 OTU near Greatridgehall, 5 miles WSW of Kelso, Rosburgh.

4th June 2012, 13:32
Hi Henk,

F1180 for Oxford V3948 states 2 fatalities and confirms pilot as Reid.

Add AC2 (WOp/Ag) Kenneth R.H. JONES - 1384908 as the other airman killed on this aircraft.


9th February 2018, 10:25

LAC Sidney BROUGH - 872300 - the Hull Daily Mail of May 6th 1943 reported the following:

Humber Tragedy
The Hull City Coroner (Dr. N. Jennings) today returned a verdict of "accidentally drowned" at an inquest on Sidney Brough (41), of 81, Calvert Road, Hull, a leading aircraftman of the R.A.F., whose body was removed from the River Humber on Wednesday. It had been in the water since February 13. He had been knocked off a barge during a high wind.



2nd July 2021, 21:37
Jack Lockwood 1094228 , attached to RAF Diego Garcia , was taken seriously ill with tuberculosis and dystentry on 29 January and was admitted to the combined military hospital. Transferred to Addu Atoll by air on 2 February , he died before he could be transferred to Ceylon. There is no indication of why he has no known grave

11th January 2022, 22:55
Maurice Herbert Smith 616293 , was seriously injured on 9 February when he dived into shallow water. ,and was admitted to Number 68 Indian General hospital on 9 February where he died of his injuries

16th December 2022, 18:57
Robert Beverley 999980 , attached to HQ ME, was admitted dangerously ill to Number 15 Scottish General hospital on 12 February, dying at 09:45 Hours of typhoid fever and pneumonia

6th July 2023, 18:35
William Mervyn Sorensen 13143 | was bathing at the RAAF beach at Evans Head when he was carried out to sea by the current at 11:00 Hours and disappeared. His remains were never recovered