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Henk Welting
20th March 2010, 13:25
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
Sgt David O. BOWIE - 1341281;
P/O Herbert E. TAYLOR - CWGC: 1086462 (5 cipher ?);
AC1 John THOMSON - 1349465 - age 37, and
Cpl William VOWELL - 1535323.

B - Killed on active service:
P/O (Obs u/t) JOHNSTON*, George - 136916 - age 40 (!);
P/O (Nav u/t) KELLY*, Arthur J. - 136917 (watch sequence svcnrs Johnston and Kelly)
Sgt (Nav) John R. SMITH* - 1459381, and
F/Sgt (Nav/WOp) Donald K. UPPERTON - 960486.
* Johnston, Kelly and Smith in Casualty Communiquée 223 (Flight 22-4-1943) listed as LAC.

C - Not found in Flight archives:
LAC Thomas G. MOGRIDGE - 1303955 - age 32 - 2730 Sqn (RAF Regt), and
Cpl Clifford WADDINGTON - 1155761.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Beaufighter I - T5035 - 2 (C)OTU - crashed on overshoot Catfoss.
Defiant I - N1702 - 288 Sqn - crashed in forced landing Carr Lane, Wadworth, Yorkshire.
Tiger Moth II - N9516 - 22 EFTS - spun into ground Broadclose Farm, Inkberrow, Worcestershire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

20th March 2010, 13:45
P/O H.E. Taylor died of natural causes in hospital in the Caernarvon & Anglesey Hospital, Bangor. He had been with 9 (O)AFU at Penrhos when he was taken ill at the end of December 1942.

Also 9 (O)AFU recorded four deaths as the result of a flying accident, F/O R.N.G. Phillips, Sgt P. Blanche RAAF, LAC J. Newcombe and LAC A. Newsham. The aircraft was Blenheim V6067.

Beaufighter T5035 was a non fatal accident, the pilot's name was not recorded in the ORB.

20th March 2010, 13:58

Blenheim IV V6067

Engine cut on take-off, stalled and crashed into high ground, half-a-mile west of Penrhos. Destroyed by fire.

110846 F/O (Pilot) Reginald Hathaway George PHILLIPS RAFVR +
AUS411853 Sgt ( - ? - ) Percy BLANCH RAAF +
1670758 LAC (Air Bomber U/T.) Alfred NEWSHAM RAFVR +
1003478 LAC (Air Gnr.) John William Frank NEWCOMBE RAFVR +


20th March 2010, 20:41
Hi Henk
Kelly,20, registered at Durham N E
Upperton,23, registered at Sunderland,Co Durham
Mogridge,31, registered at Worthing, Sussex
Bowie,Thompson,Johnson didn,t come up and all have links to Scotland
I didn't find Vowell or Smith and Waddington didn't seem to be on CWGC

20th March 2010, 23:12
Hi Henk

Smith and Upperton are both registered in Sunderland and I have them in Anson L7908 of 62 OTU.


Henk Welting
21st March 2010, 16:00
Thanks all for your help.
V6067 and crew was already in my files an therefore left out in my message # 1.
L7908 was in my files as well, however with the names of three airmen: Sgt (Pilot) A.C. DUNLOP - NZ411607, Sgt (Nav/WOp) I.D. McDONALD - 1339719 and Sgt (Obs/WOp u/t) F. WICKENDEN - 1321316.

21st March 2010, 16:21
Hi Henk

McDonald is registered in Durham N E together with Davidson and Johnston so I have him aboard DJ686, the others being on L7908, all registered in Sunderland.


Henk Welting
21st March 2010, 17:21
Thanks Malcolm; amended my files.

Rich Allenby
21st March 2010, 17:50
Henk, I believe that N1702 suffered damage in a force landing near Wadsworth after engine failure on this date, almost certainly not a fatal accident but I have no details of the pilot/crew to confirm this.

The late Eddie Fell gave me the name of WO1 F J Morrow RCAF (J/59815) as the pilot of T5035 on this date. Morrow was lost on 12th April 1943.

hope this helps,

regards Rich Allenby

22nd March 2010, 09:21
Mogridge is DOAS in the May 13th 1943 magazine. May need to move onto the next six months of Fligth Service Aviation pages. They are loaded up already at the storage location on my web site:

Dick, Waddington is on CWGC:

I also can't find him on Flight magazine, when I retire! (Only 38 years to go!)

22nd March 2010, 10:33
I see Waddington was a trick question!! Cwgc has his death as 19/06/41, and a death of that name is registered at Rugby, Warwickshire in 2nd Qtr 1941

22nd March 2010, 12:51
In that case,!! he is DOAS in Flight magazine August 7 1941.

I'll cross post him back into that days thread.

Henk Welting
22nd March 2010, 14:00
Dennis, Dick,
WADDINGTON not an intentional tricky question but simply (and stupidly) listed twice on my 'unaccounted' list.

1st April 2010, 21:42

David Orr Bowie : 1341281 : Canongate & Portobello, Edinburgh City, Midlothian
AC1 John Thomson : 1349465 : Provan, Glasgow N.B. Statutory Death Record has his date of death as 17 February 1943 and his death was registered on the 19th.
Cpl. William Vowell : Rosskeen, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland.

Best wishes


Henk Welting
2nd April 2010, 14:33
Thanks again Douglas.


10th February 2018, 16:31

Sgt David O. BOWIE - 1341281 - the Scotsman of February 20th 1943 carried the following announcement:

BOWIE - at 5 Joppa Gardens, Edinburgh, suddenly, on 19th February 1943, DAVID ORR BOWIE, Sergeant, R.A.F., dearly beloved elder son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Bowie.

Cpl William VOWELL - 1535323 - the Northern Daily Mail (Hartlepool Mail these days) of February 22nd 1943 reported the following:


News has reached West Hartlepool of the death as a result of a motor accident, whilst proceeding to another station, of Corporal William Vowell of the R.A.F., son of Mrs. Sarah Vowell and the late Mr. Robert Vowell of 65 Welldeck Road, West Hartlepool. Corporal Vowell, who was 39, joined the R.A.F. in July 1941. Before that he was for 20 years in the general office of the Hartlepools Co-Operative Society. He was an associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries, and several years ago passed his final examination. He was a very efficient servant of the society, highly esteemed by his colleagues for his genial disposition and good humour. He was a keen tennis and badminton player. A younger brother of Corporal Vowell is also in the R.A.F.

LAC Thomas G. MOGRIDGE - 1303955 - the Worthing Herald of February 26th 1943 reported the following:

Dying Gunner Says "No One To Blame"
A verdict of "Misadventure" was returned at an inquest at a south coast town on Tuesday on the body of L/A/C Thomas George Mogridge, aged 31 of Hafod, Swansea, who died in hospital from haemorrhage after an accident while he was on duty as a gunner.
Sergeant Ronald Hopkins stated in evidence that Mogridge, before he died, grasped his hand and said "There's nobody to blame."



19th March 2021, 11:16
UPGRADE to to David Orr Bowie 1341281, attached to Number 7 PRC, he died at 5 Joppa Gardens, Edingburgh of a cereberal thrombosis

18th November 2021, 00:02
Thomas George Mogridge 1303955 , a gunner attached to the armored flight, was accidently shot by an LMG at Worthing

15th April 2022, 10:31
Herbert Edwin Taylor 1086462 , was admitted to SSQ at RAF Penrhos on 28 December 1942 and treated with M&B tablets until 3 January 1943 when he suffered a severe gum haemorrhage. He developed an anemic pallor and his temperature rose to 102 and he was transferred to the Caernarfon and Anglesey Infirmary, Bangor. He was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and developed heameoplegia and died