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Henk Welting
23rd March 2010, 14:20
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
LAC Walter L. TUCKER - 1087445 - age 31.

B - Killed on active service:
Sgt (WOp/Ag) James M. WILSON - 1367522.

C - Looking for GRO-listing of:
LAC Laurence McNANEY - 1052007 - age 31 - DOAS - buried Le Petit Lac Cem., Oran, Algeria.

Proposed aircraft losses:
Havoc II - AH515 - TFU - crashed on landing Defford.
Wellington VIII - HX779 - 7 (C)OTU - flew into high ground at night Balinakill, 2 miles from Clachan, Kintyre - already as casualties on Wellington HX779:
F/Sgt D.F. SUTTERBY - RCAF R/97324;
F/Sgt J.N. MITTON - RCAF R/84834;
Sgt W.E. DAVIES - NZ414598, and
Sgt H.G. BROOKS - 1023964.

Regards and thanks for your help.

23rd March 2010, 16:36
Hi Henk

Tucker - Narbeth, Pembrokeshire

Wilson - I have him aboard Wellington VIII, HX779 which flew into high ground on the Mull of Kintyre whilst off course in poor weather conditions.

McNaney - 286 AMES


23rd March 2010, 16:44
Hi Henk
Tucker,31,registered at Narberth,Pembrokeshire,S Wales
Wilson didn't come up but he was cremated in Edinburgh.CWGC give no N-o-K so I can't tell if he was buried locally to where he came from.The Wellington on Kintyre was on the other side of Scotland

23rd March 2010, 19:03
The 7 (C)OTU ORB also recorded Wilson, along with the other names you already have.

Henk Welting
24th March 2010, 10:34
All questions answered; thanks friends.

1st April 2010, 19:10

I am not sure whether you have been able to identify the place of death registration from the other crew members. If so apologies for a wasted message. However, I can confirm that Sgt. James Michael Wilson is recorded at Kilcalmonell, County of Argyll. Memebers of his crew are all recorded similalry. The witness for the certificate is V.N Surtees O.C. RNAS Machrihanish.


18th March 2021, 19:41
UPGRADE to Henry Victor Clark R 83639 attached to RCAF Sydney, he died of a heart attack

1st December 2021, 15:41
Walter Leslie Tucker 1087445 , attached to Number 76 Signals Wing, was admitted dangerously ill to The County EMS hospital, Haverfordwest and transferred to the Kilgetty isolation where he died of cerebrospinal meningitis

17th December 2021, 17:37
Lawrence McNaney 1052007, attached to 286 AMES , a Cook and Butcher, born 16 December 1913, who enlisted on 6 July 1940, whos next of kin was his Father, Mr. L McNaney 0f 46 Oates Avenue, Rawmarsh Yorkshire, and who was paid 4s3d per day plus 1 shilling a day war pay and 5 pence a day colonial pay was buried at 16:00 hours by Major Leo Gotlieb US Army with RC Rites in the British section of P.H.I.E.S US Army Cemetery at 16:00 hours on 28 February. No member of his unit was able to attend his funeral.

He had died in the 561st Medical hospital based at La Senia at 23:00 hours on 27 February of acute appendicitis and peritonitis having been admitted seriously ill after developing lower stomach and thigh pain on 11 February.

7th November 2022, 15:18
Ernest Smith 1309045 , attached to Number 170 Wing, died of a rupture of the spleen, believed to be spontaneous

22nd November 2022, 19:43
William Edmund Smith 1309045 , died suddenly in bed at the General School of Reconaissance at Andheri. A post mortem found he had died of a ruptured spleen