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Henk Welting
24th March 2010, 12:32
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found in Flight Global:
ATC Cadet Stanley G. BROOMHEAD - age 15.

B - Died on active service:
AC2 Lewis A. CLOKE - 1217788;
Cpl Albert J. JAMES - 1351123 - 2838 Sqn (RAF Regt) - listed as AC1 in Casualty Communiquée 225, Flight 29-4-1943;
AC2 Cyril S. NEWMAN - 1628640 - age 42, and
Cpl (WAAF) Esma B. SINGLETON - 2065034.

C - Killed on active service:
Ronald G. JEWELL - 1153697.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Master III - W8451 - 5 (P)AFU - undershot landing Ternhill, Shropshire.
Oxford I - LB407 - 3 (P)AFU - crashed on overshoot at night Chedworth.

Regards and thanks for your help.

24th March 2010, 15:07
Newman.......nothing yet.

Henk Welting
24th March 2010, 16:39
Thanks Alan, a good start.

24th March 2010, 17:42
Hi Henk
Jewell,29, registered at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, the right area for Chedworth and LB407

Henk Welting
25th March 2010, 11:14
Thanks Dick, another one 'off' the list. But still a long way to go.
Best regards; enjoy the oncoming weekend,

John Larder
25th March 2010, 17:14

Broomhead 7 AACU Oxford R6390 Injured 28/2/1943

Henk Welting
26th March 2010, 15:09
Thanks John,
From Voytech's book: F/O (Pilot) Filip CIEPLINSKI - PAF P.1545 was injured and died 1-3-1943; another 15 year old ATC-cadet, David TROUP, was killed in the crash or died same day.

15th May 2010, 23:09
There is a Searle S Newman age 42 registered in the Tonbridge, Kent, strange difference in name spelling but seems possible.

12th February 2018, 17:38

Cpl (WAAF) Esma B. SINGLETON - 2065034 - the Wells Journal of March 12th 1943 reported the following:

Funeral of Corpl. Esma Singleton, W.A.A.F.
Much sympathy has been extended to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Singleton, of The Bakery, Wookey Hole Road, in the great loss they have sustained by the death after a short illness of their only child, Esma Beatrice, who was serving in the W.A.A.F. at a station in Hampshire.
Miss Singleton volunteered for the W.A.A.F. in July, 1940, and held the rank of Corporal. She was 23 years of age.

Ronald G. JEWELL - 1153697 - the Graves Registration Report Form confirms his unit as 3 (P) A.F.U.



18th March 2021, 11:19
UPGRADE to Harry Barer R 197822, attached to Number 1 ITS, he died in the Christie Street hospital, Toronto of miliary tuberculosis

6th July 2021, 13:38
Esme Beatrice Singleton 2065043 , an MT Driver attached to RAF Middle Wallop was admitted seriously ill to RAF Hospital Uxbridge on 1 March and transferred to the Westminster hospital on 2 March where she died from acute leukaemia

28th August 2021, 09:51
John Henry Palmer 544457 , attached to Number 9 S & TC , was dangerously wounded at Tobruk on 2 March with multiple penetrating shrapnel wounds when an unexploded German shell blew up. Admitted to Number 3 Indian CCS, he died at 03:40 Hours

5th November 2021, 17:01
M J Dharmu 52374 ( only DHARMU in his records ) , a washer up , died in the Indian military hospital Ambala of double pneumonia

31st December 2021, 00:46
Lewis Arthur Cloke 1217788 , attached to SPTU at RAF Cark was found lying on the tarmac near Number 6 AACU HQ Flight Offices at 11:30 Hours. He complained about his head and was conveyed to SSQ by which time he was insensible and could not be roused. Admitted to Conishead Priory hospital at Ulverston, he was found to have a small head abrasion but had rapid
advancing cerebral compression of which he died 90 minutes later. He was found to have an intracranial heamorhage due to a fractured skull at Post Mortem and it was believed he had tripped and fallen

7th January 2022, 18:08
Albert James James 1351123 , was admitted seriously ill to the Hurstwood Park EMS hospital on 21 February , where he died of chronic empyema

7th June 2023, 10:43
Cyril Stanley Newman 1628640 | attached to RAF Eastbourne | was dangerously ill in Pembury hospital, Tunbridge Wells on 1 March, Following an operation. He died at 20:15 Hours of cardiac faliure and carcinoma of the colon