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Bertrand H
1st February 2008, 19:03

I have had some extracts of a heavy book which list country by country [France is at the page 1,890] all the Distinguished flying Cross. Does anybody know the title of this book ?

In these pages all the mentions are not written. Where can I find the citation of Ferdinand Hardi (FF with 340) ?



1st February 2008, 19:34
That sounds like:

The Distinguished Flying Cross and How It Was Won, 1918-95
by Nick Carter (Author), Carol Carter

Hardcover: 1986 pages
Publisher: Savannah Publications (May 1998)
Language English
ISBN-10: 190236600X
ISBN-13: 978-1902366005


2nd February 2008, 11:54
Hello Bertrand:

The Distinguished Flying Cross and How It Was Won, 1918-95 has the following:

HARDY. FERDINAND. Lt. (30699). FAF. 340 Sqn.
Approved: 11/3/1946.

It is listed under the heading 'FRANCE' as an Honorary Award.

The book gives, amongst other information, the following:

Honorary Awards
"The details in this listing of honorary awards to foreign nationals were not generally published in the London Gazette and are mainly to be found in the Air30 files held at the Public Records Office, with some of the later awards to be found in Air2 files."

It also states: "To be more specific . . . details of awards for the Second World War from AIR30:201 (1946)."

It mentions: "The information available is often sketchy and even differs from file to file. Within this publication, the names and approved dates are those to be found in the Air30 files."

Kind regards Malcolm.

John Larder
2nd February 2008, 11:59
The back of Carter quotes Air30:201 for 1946 awards. Hardy Ferdinand Lt. (30699) 340 Sq. approved 11/3/1946

Bertrand H
2nd February 2008, 20:12
Thanks Amrit, Malcolm and John for your precises replies. very useful. Another ref to consult in Kew !