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Henk Welting
1st April 2010, 15:28
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Pilot) Arthur F. FARMER - 1337505, and
F/O (Fl.Instr.) Alfred L.D. JEYES - 130460.

B - Not found Flight Global:
F/Lt Horace M. GELDARD - 67435 - age 45.

C - Died on active service:
AC2 David F. WHEELER - 1654660.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Beaufort II - DD901 - 5 (C)OTU - crashed in forced landing Long Kesh.
Defiant II - AA411 - 515 Sqn - crashed on landing Heston.
Master II - DL415 - 2 FIS - flew into high ground Nathro Lodge, Craigendowie, Angusshire.
Tiger Moth II - DE423 - 124 Sqn - crashed in forced landing Cobham, Surrey.

Regards and thanks for your help.

1st April 2010, 16:29
Wheeler, Cuckfield, West Sussex.
Geldard, Doncaster.
Dave just got there before me on the other two!!

1st April 2010, 16:30

Scottish death register confirms Farmer and Jeyes at Nathro Lodge.

BTW farmer's name is given as Stanley Arthur Frederick.



Henk Welting
2nd April 2010, 14:25
Thanks Alan and Dave for your contineous support; much appreciated.

18th March 2021, 10:15
CORRECTION to Laurence Beverley Neff R 51440, he did not die in hospital in England, but died in the Christie Street hospital, Toronto, of oedema of the lungs and urinary suppression caused by a reaction to sulphpyradine whilst attached to RCAF Station Mountain View

7th October 2021, 08:08
Horace Marsden Geldard 67435 , had first become ill serving with Number 1 EFTS on 19 August 1942 when admitted to Number 31 general hospital, Belfast. His history was one of weight loss, tiredness and a persistent cough with phlegm. A chest X ray found a collapsed right lower lobe and a small mass above it. On 28 August 1942 he was transferred to RAF hospital, Halton where a bronchoscopy confirmed the diagnosis of broncho carcinoma with a squamous epithalioma .

Transferred to the Midhurst sanatorium on 18 september 1942, an exploratory thoractomy found the tumour was invading the mediastinal structures and was inoperable. Placed on medical leave, he died at 28 Grove Hill Road, Doncaster whilst being treated with deep X ray therapy

7th October 2021, 08:18
Eldred Blakley Hadden R 127714 , was killed at RAF Warboys, when struck on the back of the neck by the wing tip of Spitfire P8083 as it taxied out, as he stood on the perimeter track at 16:50 hours as he watched aircraft landing. Admitted to SSQ with a fractured cervical vertebrae where he died at 16:56 hours

1st December 2021, 15:46
David Frederick Wheeler 1654660 , attached to Number 10 Signals Centre, was admitted seriously ill to the King George VIII EMS hospital Midhurst on 14 November 1942 and then transferred to the Hurstwood Park EMS hospital on 2 December 1942, where he died of lung and cereberal abscesses

26th January 2023, 22:20
Samuel Gibbons 508978 , attached to Number 12 Wireless Unit, was admitted seriously ill to Number 47 British General hospital at Calcutta on 15 January, dying of amoebic dysentery