View Full Version : Hawker Audax K5564 Prang photos - details

3rd April 2010, 20:41
I recently got two photos of Hawker Audax K5564 after its prang in NWFP in 1936



K file provides its history as follows

PD 30.3.36, AD Drigh Road 28.4.36 for 20 Sqn, 28 Squadron RAF. flew into ground on cross-country flight, Delhi-Ambala, Shahabad. 4.12.36;

salvaged and to AD Drigh Road. To 2 Squadron IAF 9.41; 1 Sqn IAF. Engine began to smoke, divied into hill near Rezami 7.11.41. DBF, 2 killed. SOC .3.4.42 1039.10 Hours

28 Squadron ORB does not record any prang for 4-12-1936. Does anyone have an idea on the crew members or circumstances?

The aircraft crashed again in 1941, killing Plt Offr Bhasker Daniel (Gnanamuthu) and Gunner Sohan Singh (As covered in another thread on this forum)