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Henk Welting
10th April 2010, 17:04
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Pilot) Bernard CAREY - 658430;
Sgt (Ag) Edward HALL - 1368188;
LAC (in Flight: AC1) Edward J. MURPHY - 1282659 - age 33;
Sgt (WOp) Edward F.H. STEPHENS - 1312371, and
F/Lt (In Flight: F/O) Henry E. TRUMPER - 61462.

B - Died on active service:
LAC Lawrence C.A. LANE - 1244896.

C - Proposed aircraft losses:
Blenheim I - L1437 - 12 (P)AFU - dived into ground at night Stroxton, near Harlaxton, Lincolnshire (already as a casualty on this a/c: F/Sgt A. LORENZ - RAAF 413314).
Blenheim I - L6691 - 132 (C)OTU - crashed on take-off at night near East Garlton, 2 miles N of Haddington, East Lothian.
Lysander III - T1580 - 1491 Flt - crashed on take-off Skeabrae.
Oxford I - V3896 - 11 (P)AFU - crashed on landing Condover.
Beaufort II - AW354 - 5 (C)OTU - flew into high ground at night 8 miles SSE of Ballycastle, Co.Antrim (F/Sgt [Pilot] R.J. ANDREWS survived).
Blenheim V - AZ861 - 12 (P)AFU - crashed on approach 1˝ mile NE of Harlaxton.

Regards and thanks for your help.

10th April 2010, 17:10

Re: Blenheim I L1437.

No.12 (P)AFU
Blenheim I L1437

Lost control on attempted overshoot, dived into the ground at Stroxton, Lincs.

AUS413314 Sgt Anthony LORENZ RAAF (solo Pilot) - Killed

See: The Bristol Blenheim/Warner (1st ed.) p.613

Check 2nd ed. for update.


10th April 2010, 17:22
Oxford V3896 was being piloted by P/O J.M. Barrass who survived.

March 29th 1943, “Condover. Night Landing Accident. Oxford II V3896. An A.F.U. Pilot, P/O J.M. Barrass, swung slightly when landing at night the aircraft ran off the runway into a shallow trench turned on its back and suffered very extensive damage (Cat E.). The pilot was unhurt and no blame could be attached to him in view of his limited experience.”

The 5 (C)OTU ORB records two Beaufort crashes on the 29th, one of the names on your list is present in the first, AW277, and the Medical Officer's report mentions the crash you have 1 name from already.

March 29th 1943, “Beaufort AW277 crashed on Colin Mountain, Co. Antrim, under conditions of clear sky although the night was very dark. The crew of four Sgt W.A. McKinley, Pilot, Sgt T.C. Stevens (Australian) Navigator, (B), Sgt E.F.H. Stephens, W.O.P/A.G., Sgt P.H. Ryder, W.O.P/A.G., being killed; cause of accident not yet known.”

March 29th 1943, “Beaufort aircraft accident on Mullaghglass near Dunmurry (Sheet 313 – 257699) crew of four killed. Beaufort accident near Ballycastle: one of crew fractures of limbs, other three minor injuries. Taken by army authorities to Military Hospital, Kilrea.”

March 31st 1943, “Message received from 25 General Hospital that one of crew of 0400 hours Beaufort accident of 29 Mar 43 transferred to that hospital and placed on S.I. List.”

10th April 2010, 17:31

Pilot of AW354 was Sgt R J Andrews, 1283563, Injured.

Pilot of L6691 was Carey


10th April 2010, 17:45

Sgt (Pilot) Bernard CAREY - 658430 : aged 24 : found in a field 400 yards West of Athelstaneford village and 20 yards North of main road : registered Athelstaneford, County of East Lothian.

LAC Laurence Charles Arthur LANE - 1244896 : aged 22 : killed when thrown from landing aircraft at Skeabrae : registered Sandwick, County of Orkney.


Henk Welting
10th April 2010, 17:57
Thanks friends for this excellent help.

10th April 2010, 19:11
Hi Henk
Warner's 2nd edition confirms what you have on Carey and Lorenz and has Trumper(solo pilot) killed on AZ861

10th April 2010, 19:22
Hi Henk
I found 2 Edward Hall's. One age 32, registered at Northumberland Central and the other,age 29, registered at Newcastle on Tyne also Northumberland. CWGC gives yours an age of 32.
Murphy,33, registered at Hove , Sussex

Henk Welting
11th April 2010, 13:10
As ever Dick thanks for your excellent and much appreciated support.
Best regards,

Henk Welting
11th April 2010, 14:34
Sgt (Airgunner) Edward HALL - 1068188 - age 32 - "KOAS" and death registered Northumberland Central.
Is it possible that he too was involved in the accident (collision) of Botha's W5137 and W5154 of 4 AGS 12 miles E of Morpeth. That would make a grand total of ten, whereas Erroll in his 'For Your Tomorrow' Vol. 2 page 77 mentions a total of nine (five on W5137 and four on W5154).
For the pilots I've:
P/O George R. JACKSON - NZ413076 on W5137, and
S/Ldr Stanislaw ZARSKI - PAF P.1183 on W5154., and
following persons spread out over both aircraft:
LAC (Ag u/t) Frank L. BERESFORD - 1120955;
Five members of the Dutch Naval Forces: Rudi VAN DEN BRON, Arie W. EGMOND, Bernardus VAN OPDORP, Daniel J. KOOY and Frans VAN WESTENBRUGGE, and finally
AC2 Tomasz RZEZNIKIEWICZ (Replacement Bureau Nr.1 Holding Unit [Poland]).
Not the most easiest question to solve.

12th April 2010, 07:51
Hi all,

Edward Hall was in Botha W5137:

P/O G. R. Jackson Pilot Age 22 NZ413076
LAC A. W. Van Egmond Age 22 Dutch 20250
AC2 B. E. Van Opdorp Age 23 Dutch 16320
AC2 R. Van Den Bron Age 18 Dutch 20608
Sgt Edward Hall Age 32 1368285

Botha W5154 was occupied by:

F/Lt. S. Z. Zarski Age 46 Polish P.1181
LAC F.L. Beresford A/G Age 29 Staffordshire 1120955

LAC D. J. Kooij Age 24 Dutch 90739

LAC F. Van Westenbrugge Age 23 Dutch 16239

Source 'Air Crash Northumberland' by Jim Corbett, Russ Gray, Jonathan Shipley & Neil Anderson, all frequent visitors on this site.

Hope this helps.

Jim Corbett

Henk Welting
12th April 2010, 15:32
Thanks Jim.
"KU CZCI Poleglych Lotnikow 1939-1945" has on page 322 also szer.ucz.strz Tomasz RZEZNIKIEWICZ on W5154. He lies buried grave AE.32 Morpeth (ZARSKI grave AE.29).
Let's wait for a reaction from our Polish friend 'Voytech'.

12th April 2010, 19:43
From the death register index:

Arie W Van Egmond Age 21 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 559
Bernardus E Van Opdorp Age 22 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 559
Rudi Van Den Bron Age 17 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 559
George R Jackson Age 22 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 559
Edward Hall Age 32 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 558

Stanelaw Z Zarski Age 46 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 560
Frank Beresford Age 29 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 558
Daniel J Kooy Age 23 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 559
Frans Van Westenbrugge Age 22 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 558

Tomasz Rzeznikiewicz Age 23 1943 Northumberland Central Northumberland 10b 493

Rzeznikiewicz is lsited on a different page of the register from the other names, they are on 10b 558-560, he is on 10b 493. Did he perhaps dy of his injuries?

6th May 2010, 20:43
Just been typing up entries from the Skeabrae Station ORB and found an interesting entry relating to LAC Lane. It was entered under the 30th March.

March 30th 1943, “At 0943 hours a Lysander of 1491 (F) G. Flight (Skeabrae) took off with an airman, No.1244896 LAC Lane, L.C.A., still on tail. Aircraft climbed to over 200 feet and crashed and airman was thrown off and killed. Pilot and operator received superficial injuries only. Aircraft complete write off.
Court of Enquiry A Court of Enquiry was convened for 1400 hours in the Corporals Club, R.A.F. Station, Skeabrae, on Wednesday 30th March 1943 in order to investigate and enquire into the accident to Lysander aircraft T1580 involving the death of 1244896 LAC Lane, L.C.A., and to allocate responsibility if any. Station Adjutant to see that the necessary witnesses were in attendance. Present – F/’t Dunville (66 Squadron) F/O Nicholl (1476 A.S.R. Flight) P/O Brunner (66 Squadron)”

Henk Welting
7th May 2010, 15:31
Thanks Al. LANE was in my files with a note that he was killed when thrown from a landing aircraft at Skeabrae; his death was registered at Sandwick, Orkneys.
Now where I've an a/c serial and that Lane was ON and not IN the Lysander, I can update my file.

22nd September 2021, 21:35
Kenneth Rathbone 1093509 , was killed at Grara Landing ground on duty when accidently shot through the head with a Tommy gun