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Henk Welting
11th April 2010, 17:35
Looking for info on the death of Act Ldg Airman (Pilot u/t) Hugh V. LAING - FAA/FX.90767 (HMS Canada), killed in an air crash and buried Cataraqui Cem., Kingston, Ontario.
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11th April 2010, 17:46
Killed in crash of Harvard FE739 "out of control".

Henk Welting
11th April 2010, 17:56
Thanks Hugh. Was the unit Nr. 31 SFTS and was he flying solo ?

Bill Walker
11th April 2010, 19:30
31 SFTS diary records the crash occuring near Odessa, Ontario, today part of Amhearstview, on the west side of Collins Bay, and only a few miles from the Kingston aerodrome on the east side of the bay. No other fatalities or injuries are listed for this crash.

Henk Welting
12th April 2010, 15:18
Thanks Bill for additional info on LAING and Harvard FE739 (not listed in appendix 1 of TSGNO).

12th April 2010, 19:08
G'day Henk

The accident occurred at 17:55 hours. The Harvard Mk.IIB went down 3 miles northwest of Odessa. FX90767 A.L.A. Laing was carrying out authorized aerobatics and practice forced landings at the time of the accident. He was almost at level flight after coming out of a loop when the aircraft hit the ground and exploded after striking a rocky outcrop.


Henk Welting
14th April 2010, 13:55
Thanks Chris for amplification of the crash info.