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12th April 2010, 18:28

LINTON, F/L Karl Raymond (J17417) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.421 Squadron - Award effective 5 April 1944 as per London Gazette dated 14 April 1944 and AFRO 1020/44 dated 12 May 1944. Born 18 February 1923 in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick; home there. Enlisted in Moncton, 14 May 1941. Trained at No.3 ITS (graduated 1 September 1941), No.21 EFTS (graduated 25 October 1941) and No.9 SFTS. (graduated 27 February 1942. Flight Sergeant on 27 August 1942, WO2 on 27 February 1943. Commissioned 5 April 1943; F/O 5 October 1943; F/L 20 December 1943. Arrived in UK, 29 March 1942. At No.17 (P) AFU, 26 May to 23 June 1942; No.52 OTU, 23 June 1942 to 14 September 1942; No.416 Squadron, 14 September 1942 to 21 May 1943; No.421 Squadron, 21 May 1943 to 8 April 1944. No.83 Group Support Unit, 8 April to 27 October 1944. Went on leave to Canada, returning to UK 18 January 1945. With No.417 Squadron, 12 February to 5 July 1945. Arrived back in UK, 14 July 1945; repatriated to Canada 7 August 1945; released 26 October 1945. Victories as follows: 29 July 1943, one FW.190 destroyed southwest of Amsterdam; 31 July 1943, one Bf.109 probably destroyed north of St.Omer; 3 October 1943, one FW.190 destroyed (shared with another pilot), Roy/Amy; 18 October 1943 - one FW.190 destroyed, Lille; 22 October 1943, one FW.190 destroyed, Beauvais; 20 December 1943, one Bf.109 destroyed and two Bf.109s damaged, Merville/Douai. Photo PL-23360 shows him, head and shoulders. Public Record Office Air 2/9633 indicates the award was recommended when he had flown 148 sorties (203 operational hours).

"This officer has been constantly on operations for a year and five months. He has taken part in numerous operations of various kinds and on many occasions has engaged the enemy. Flight Lieutenant Linton has destroyed at least four enemy aircraft and damaged others. He has displayed excellent leadership as a flight commander and on occasions he has led the squadron."

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Hello Hugh,

Thanks for informing us about the passing of this pilot. I've been briefly in touch with him a few years ago, about the operations he flew in my area in 1943-44, the 20 December 1943 mission in which S/L J.F. Lambert was killed (Ramrod 375).



PS : I can't get the link working. Says I have no access. A "manual" research on the site gives no result either.

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A cached copy on the same site reveals it is also available here:




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Hello Dave

Thanks for the link, it worked fine