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4th February 2008, 00:24
The following was posted to our guestbook, regarding Leslie Edmund Larkin any help greatly appreciated....

Dear Sir,
My father Leslie Edmund Larkin served in 254 squadron in 40-41 flying blenhiems. I noted recently that he did a search for P/O parry in his log book which is with my Sister.
I saw in your web page that PO parry was missing .
Also ho did a search for a chap named Mclelend ( not sure if I spelt it correctly )

I f any of you memebers have a picture of dad I would be very gratful as he did not leave any.
He was an ex halton boy and served in Egypt in around 1936 .
he went on to fly Catalinas but was invalided out - long story !

best regards and thanks for the page it gives me a a bit more to know about my fathre klife, one thing he made a foreced landing in Islay after taking off from NI landing on one engine and overturning all ok but left dad not quite the same ofetwards - he thought he was going to be burned to death mind you his log book shows he flew another aircraft back to base the following day - they were all quite wonderful people .

again kind regards

Graham anf Jean Larkin