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Henk Welting
30th April 2010, 16:36
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Killed on active service:
F/O (Fl.Instr.) John H. BARNES - 120407 (from N.Ireland).

B - Died on active service:
AC1 Arnold DALE - 1537224 - age37;
AC2 Edward DENSHAM - 1831265 - age 37;
AC1 Frank KELLER - 1509894 - 914 (Balloon) Sqn (Wythall, Birmingham), and
Cpl Kenneth R. WHITTAKER - 1084022.

C - Not found in Flight Global:
Cpl George A. BOLLAND - 958487 - 167 Sqn (Ludham, Norfolk).

D - Miscellaneous:
Looking for GRO-listing of:
F/Lt Donald N. GALLAI-HATCHARD - 115639 - (?) PRU - KOAS - buried Medjez-el-Bab War Cem., Tunisia, and
F/Lt Gilbert A. HOUGHTON - 81172 - DOAS - buried Bne War Cem., Algeria.

Regards and thanks for your help.

30th April 2010, 16:44
GRO only gives PRU as unit for Hatchard.
Houghton, 1 PDC.

Henk Welting
30th April 2010, 17:23
Thanks Alan.

Forgot to add a proposed aircraft loss for this day in my first message:
Oxford I - BG208 - 14 (P)AFU - flew into ground at night 2 miles W of Ossington (already as a casualty on this a/c: Sgt [Pilot] Henry F. PUDER - RCAF R/81378).


30th April 2010, 17:47
Hi Henk
Barnes,25, registered at Southwell, Nottinghamshire.This is the same place as Puder and may put Barnes on Oxford BG208
Dale,37, registered at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Densham,37, registered at Newark, Nottinghamshire
Keller,36,registered at Birmingham
Whittaker,32, registered at Stafford, Staffordshire
Bolland, 21, registered at Northallerton,N Yorkshire

Henk Welting
30th April 2010, 18:04
As ever, thanks Dick for your prompt and excellent help.

13th May 2010, 16:53
Found Bolland just in the corner of my eye in Flight, DOAS scanned as Cpl. G\ A. Boltsrld;

14th May 2010, 17:49

F/Lt Gallai-Hatchard was in the RAF Film Unit and following story says he was killed during air operations in Tunisia: http://www.thewarillustrated.info/164/movie-cameramen-in-the-front-line-of-battle.asp.
No further detail about his death however.



15th May 2010, 16:51
Gallai-Hatchard is listed Killed in Action, Not KOAS in Flight. I wonder if he might have been on an American Aircraft perhaps. Or maybe some ground assignment.

He is listed KIA with only one other person in Flight Casualty list, F/Sgt D B Elliot of 55 Sqn who is listed dead 25th April 1943. Unconnected I'd suppose.

Henk Welting
25th May 2010, 15:58
Thanks Dennis & Leendert for additional info.

25th May 2010, 19:11

can confirm Puder on the Oxford



Henk Welting
26th May 2010, 14:10
Thanks Dave for confirmation PUDER.


11th May 2017, 19:05
Rank: Aircraftman 2nd Class
Service No: 1831265
Date of Death: 22/04/1943
Stationed at RAF Ossington , died at Newark General Hospital from peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix.

12th May 2017, 04:53

Just to clear up the fate of :

115639 F/Lt Donald Nevill GALLAI-HATCHARD RAFVR.

Thursday, 22 April 1943.

US Casualties.

97th BS/47th BG
Douglas A-20B 41-3239

Hit by flak at Massicault 1445-1525.

1/Lt Victor E. GAULTIERE and two Wounded in Action.
115639 F/Lt (Photographer) Donald Nevill GALLAI-HATCHARD RAFVR - Killed in Action.

A History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940 - 1945 Vol.3. Tunisia and the End in Africa - Nov. 1942 - May 1943.
Shores,Christopher et al.
London:Grub Street,2016.


31st March 2018, 13:38

F/O (Fl.Instr.) John H. BARNES - 120407 - Puder's R.C.A.F records do not contain any information about any other casualties of Oxford BG208, but Barnes' Grave Registration Report Form confirms his unit as 14 (P) A.F.U.

AC1 Frank KELLER - 1509894 - the Nottingham Evening Post of April 26th 1943 carried the following announcement:

KELLER - 22nd inst., Frank, R.A.F., passed away Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Brimingham. Peace after great suffering.



18th March 2021, 10:05
UPGRADE to Max Ronald Maksymetz R 250959, reoorting for training on 3rd April, he was confined to the station hospital at Number 2 ITS on 4th April suffering from scarlet fever and died of heart development caused by high scarlet fever after less that one day's non hospitalised RCAF service

22nd October 2021, 20:18
Robert Sydney Hills 1181269 , crashed in Spitfire Vc JK 808 at Maiduguri airfield at 07:45 hours, dying of his injuries ten minutes later

22nd February 2022, 22:03
William Albert Garrett 100089 , a driver MT attached to Number 7 C&M Party, RAF Madhaiganj, was murdered at the station on the night of 22/23 April

5th March 2022, 19:18
William James Jones 1458925 , attached to C Flight RAF Regiment HQ DAF , was accidently burnt on 19 April when his bivouac caught fire. Admitted to Number 48 General hospital with extensive burns of the face, chest and all limbs, he required resusiatation and was dressed with Vaseline gauze and given plasma but he died of acute toxameia of his burns

10th June 2022, 21:28
George Albert Bolland 958487, attached to 167 Squadron , was admitted dangerously ill to Mount Vernon hospital, Northwood on 18 March , where he died of a tumor of the hip with sarcoma of the femur and secondary deposits in the lung

11th June 2022, 19:34
Hi Jon

"George Albert Bolland 958487, attached to 167 Squadron , was admitted dangerously ill to Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood on 18 March , where he died of a tumor of the hip with sarcoma of the femur and secondary deposits in the lung"

I suspect he was moved to Northallerton Hospital as that is where his death is registered


22nd September 2022, 19:45
Charles Edward Eric Smith 1717041 , attached to Number 170 Wing, was killed on duty when his motorcycle skidded under a lorry whilst overtaking on the Sikhar to Khumbirgram road

18th April 2023, 17:56
Arnold Dale 1537224 | attached to RAF Uxbridge| died in Barnsley Hall EMS hospital, Bromsgrove, of mediastinal lymphosarcoma

27th April 2023, 21:57
Kenneth Reid Whittaker 1084022 | attached to 30 MU | was killed in a MT accident at Seighford, his body being removed to SSQ at RAF Hixon

21st June 2023, 18:45
Frank Keller 1509894 | died at 01:45 Hours in the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham, of carcinamatosis with his wife, Mrs. E.Keller, of Carrisbrook Avenue, Beeston, Notts, at his bedside