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4th May 2010, 16:25
Just ordered Errols latest book which is being published by Penguin (Errol can you get them to publish Vol 2 please!!! of FYT) see attached link:
To post to UK from this site it is $NZ71 (including postage) which is about £36... Australian sites are quoting $AS45ish+postage so that is a good price....

17th May 2010, 12:38
Have already received Errols excellent book... It is fabulous-great work Errol!! Need to get you to sign it! For anyone interested in the RNZAF this is a MUST HAVE!!! Mighty Ape was who I ordered it from and I cant fault the service...

Errol Martyn
18th May 2010, 02:34
For those not aware, this history is not confined to the just the RNZAF:

"Told through the collections of the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, this book is highly illustrated with ephemera, personal accounts, aircraft and previously unpublished photographs. The text follows the development of our military aviationís pre-WW1 origins to todayís mobile defence force support backbone."

Coverage extends to New Zealanders serving with the AFC, RFC, RNAS, RAAF, and the RAF (as members of the RAF or on attachment to the RAF from the RNZAF).


Happy to sign - just awaiting your sending of air tickets and clearance of Icelandic ash. I can bring my own pen!


18th May 2010, 08:45
It does cover the other stuff well Errol but I was most interested in the RNZAF stuff. Have lack of money at moment but if I win the lottery on Saturday the tickets will be in the post! Pens the RAF can provide LOL....