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17th May 2010, 16:16
A basement cleanout makes the following possible. Please contact me sooner than later, as garbage pick-up for paper is 26 May.

Canadian Military History - Volume 7 No.4 (Autumn 1998) - five copies

“Battery Mac - Portrait of a Brigade Commander of the Great War, 1915-1917 (Ian McCulloch, about Sir Archibald Cameron Macdonnell).

Phantom German Air Raids on Canada - War Hysteria in Quebec and Ontario during the Great War (Robert E. Bartholomew)

Exercise MUSK OX - Asserting Sovreignty ‘North of 60' (Hugh A. Halliday)

The Canadian War Memorial that Never Was (Laura Bramdon)

Otter’s Wound and Other Matters - The ‘Debate’ Between William Dillon Otter and Lawrence Buchan (Serge Durflinger)

Restoration of the Canadian War Memorials Paintings in the Senate Chamber (Danielle Allard(

Shermans in Sicily: The Diary of a Young Soldier, Summer 1943 (Jack Wallace, edited by David Pratt)

What is Tank Country ? (William Murphy)

Canadian Military History - Volume 8 No.1 (Winter 1999): three copies

The Development of an Unbeatable Combination - U.S. Close Air Support in Normandy (Mike Bechthold).

The Fighter-Bomber in the Normandy Campaign (Christopher Evans

“While the shells crashed we were strong” - The Life of War Poet ‘Toronto’ Prewett (Andrew Coppilino)

The Fog of War: Large Scale Smoke Screening Operations of First Canadian Army in Northwest Europe, 1944-1945 (James C. Bond).

Into the Blue: Pilot Training in Canada, 1917-1918 (Hugh A. Halliday and Laura Brandon)

24th Canadian Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (Harold Russell)

The Canadian Memorial Garden: Two Views - two articles, viz Memory, Monuments and Landscape (Nan Griffiths) and A Difficult Road to Tread (Paul Gough)

Canadian Military History - Volume 8 No.3 (Summer 1999): one copy

The Canadian Role in Operation “Charnwood”, 8 July 1944 (David A. Wilson)

The Test of Command: McNaughton and Exercise Spartan, 4-12 March 1943 (John Nelson Rickard)

The Gardeners of Vimy: Canadian Corps Farming Operations During the German Offensives of 1918 (S.F. Wise)

The Right Stuff ? Evaluating the Performance of Lieutenant-Colonel F.L. Lessard in South Africa and his Failure to Receive a Senior Command Position in the CEF in 1914 (John Macfarlane)

Obituary - Artist of War, Jack Shadbolt, 1909-1998 (Laura Brandon)

The End of HMCS St. Croix (William Fisher)

Bombs Away: The First Mission of a Coastal Command Liberator (D. Joseph Matthews, ex-No.547 Squadron

D Day at Bernieres-sur-Mer: The 5th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment (Gordon Blight)

A Case of Mistaken Identity: R.J. Lowe at St, Lambert-sur-Dives, August 1944 (editor Terry Copp)

Canadian Military History - Volume 10 No.2 (Spring 2001) - five copies

The Other Side of the Hill: Combat Intelligence in the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918 (Dan Jenkins)

“Keep-a-fighting ! Play the game !” - Baseball and the Canadian Forces During the First World War (Andrew Horall)

“Fairly Well Known and Need Not be Discussed” - Colonel A.F. Duguid and the Canadian Official History of the First World War (Wes Gustavson)

Incident on Lucknow Street - Defenders and the Defended in Halifax, 1915 (Roger Sarty)

Through the Camera’s Lens: Scenes From Aboard the Frigate HMCS Dunver, 1943-1945 (Cliff Quince and Serge Durlinger)

The Homecoming: Lieutenant Donald Armitage Ross, Canadian Grenadiwer Guards (Georgina H. Matthews)

A Trip to Remember - An Airman’s View of D Day (Gordon Gross)

17th May 2010, 19:29
G'day Hugh

I would like you to hold on to Exercise MUSK OX - Asserting Sovreignty ‘North of 60' (Hugh A. Halliday) until I can pick it up in June if that is alright with you.


17th May 2010, 21:30
Hi Hugh,

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th issues mentioned all have articles I would like.

23rd September 2011, 09:52
Copy of the following from DND file 813-89/2 Volume 2 (Library and Archives Canada, RG.24, Volume 17766). Document prepared by F/L D.R. Pearce (RCAF officer on exchange duties with RAF) - four and one-half pages (legal size paper):

A Special Report on Ditching of Hastings TG613 on 22 July 1953
No.99 Squadron RAF
Lynham, Wilts.
29 August 1953.

If you want it, contact me.

Errol Martyn
23rd September 2011, 10:52

Canadian Military History - Volume 8 No.1 (Winter 1999):

If a copy still available.

You can email me re postage to New Zealand in due couse.