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8th June 2010, 16:27

A Siamese, Second Lieut. Aat Sucharitkul, who was undergoing routine training from R.A.F. aerodrome at Hawkinge, was killed when his aeroplane (an AW Siksin) crashed on 29th October 1931.

The crash actually happened at Folkestone and he was attached to 25 Sqn..

I am trying to trace an ID.. From an old file I have 3 possibilities:

27 Oct J8881 AW Siskin Folkestone
29 Oct J8882 AW Siskin unknown (Duxford?)
29 Oct RAF AW Siskin Hawkinge

I actually think all 3 incidents may be 'mixed up' or at least the last 2?

Can anyone with access to the AB J Serials book please provide a history of J8881 and J8882, or the missing 3rd one.. Please look at the back for 'unknown' accidents as I think the confusion lies in the fact that he was not RAF!

Or provide a possible crew for the 3 incidents above

Many Thanks


8th June 2010, 16:58
The Singapore newspapers carried the verdict of the inquest:
The Straits Times, 31 October 1931, Page 11

A verdict of misadventure was returned at the inquest on the Siamese aviator, Second Lieut. Aat Sucharitkul, who was killed while undergoing routine training at the R.A.F aerodrome at Hawkinge, on Oct. 29.

Expert evidence was given to show that the machine got into a spin through an error of judgment, resulting in a crash. Reuter

His death aged 21 is registered in the Elham District, Kent.

8th June 2010, 17:06
Hi Paul

According to A-B Serials J8881 was with 25 Sqn when it spun into a hill near Folkstone on 29 Oct 1931, but J8882 was with the Met Flt at Duxford and before that No 32 Sqn so it never served with 25 Sqn.

I thibk the first and third on your list are mixed up and the second one is separate.


8th June 2010, 17:11


So does it have a fate for J8882 ?? And is there any unknowns for 27th to 31st Oct 1931?


8th June 2010, 19:07
Hi Paul

Sorry J8882 was repaired locally and continued in use by the Met Flt

On checking the back page there is an unidentified crash for a Siskin of 25 Sqn in which Lt Aat Sucharitkul is supposed to have been killed on 29 Nov 1931 so perhaps this is the one that has been confused with J8881 on 29 Oct?


8th June 2010, 20:46
Malcolm. Thanks for all this, to confirm it appears AB says j8882 had accident on 29 th Oct as well?

Looks like another unidentified can be solved Great stuff