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Henk Welting
22nd June 2010, 15:32
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found Flight Global (not known why so many !!):
Sgt (Pilot) James ASHTON - 1392315;
AC2 Norman V. GREGSON - 756170;
Cpl James E. LASHLEY - 864180 - age 45, and
Section Offr (WAAF) Doreen M. SEELEY - 5540.

B - Died on active service:
AC2 Jesse HOOK - 1652067.

C - Looking for the GRO-listing of:
AC1 Sidney J. PARRIS - 1318457 - DOAS - buried Capuccini (Naval) Cem., Malta.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Oxford I - R6038 - 15 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing Plantation Farm, Wolverton, near Kingsclere, Hampshire.
Oxford II - ED156 - 6 (P)AFU - crashed on take-off Chapel House, 1 mile NE of Chipping Norton.
Tiger Moth II - DE902 - 21 EFTS - crashed on landing Booker.

Regards and thanks for your help.

22nd June 2010, 19:02
Hi Henk

Sgt (Pilot) James ASHTON - not Eng/Wales
AC2 Norman V. GREGSON - Knaresborough, Yorkshire
Cpl James E. LASHLEY - 864180 - Marylebone, London
Section Offr (WAAF) Doreen M. SEELEY - Uxbridge, Middlesex
AC2 Jesse HOOK - Wenlock (RAF Hospital, Cosford?)
AC1 Sidney J. PARRIS - 5051 Airfield Construction Sqn, Malta


22nd June 2010, 20:43
AC2 N V Gregson is DOAS Sep 9th magazine, scanned as A/C.2 N. V. Gregsoti

There is a Sgt E J Ashton KOAS in the August 5th magazine, the CWGC do not have such a name listed. This might be Ashton we are looking for. The trade of Pilot listed would to me suggest KOAS.

Can't find the others.

22nd June 2010, 21:37

Sgt (Pilot) James ASHTON - 1392315 is listed as being buried in Cheltenham and his parents lived in Golders Green in Middlesex. Sgt. Ashton is not recorded in the Scottish Statutory records.


Henk Welting
23rd June 2010, 09:10
Oncemore thanks to all of you.

13th September 2010, 16:32
Cross over of threads, regarding AShton:


Eric James Ashton's death is registered at Chipping Norton, Oxon

A lot of confusion regarding his name. Likely for the Oxford ED156.

Henk Welting
13th September 2010, 17:13
Yes Dennis, I followed the discussion and do believe the James ASHTON I was looking for may have been on the Oxford ED156.

4th June 2012, 14:34
Hi Gents,

F1180 for Oxford ED156 confirms sole fatality as Sgt E J Ashton 1392315.


phill jones
4th June 2012, 18:56
Hi All , i also have SGT HHC HARRIS WOP/AG 1377270, Killed In OXFORD ED156, Crew member with Sgt Ashton Piloting

Phill Jones

4th June 2012, 19:36
Hi Phil

I can't find a Harry H C Harris registered in Chipping Norton, which is where Ashton is registered


phill jones
4th June 2012, 22:53
Malcolm , Sgt Harris is buried in Scotland and registered in cambeltown Disrict argyll Scotland , it would seem however that his parents or wife , are listed as from Kennsington .

I MAY BE WRONG WITH THIS, but both Sgt Ashton and Sgt Harris are listed on Consecutive casuality Lists .

As i say i could be wrong , and as i have Harris on board i did not list my source perhaps the ORB may provide proof ?

phill jones

Henk Welting
5th June 2012, 16:26
I've ASHTON as the sole casualty on the Oxford and Sgt HARRIS on Wellington VIII LB237 of 1 TTU (collided with Wellington LB193, crashed into sea off the Ayrshire coast).

phill jones
5th June 2012, 19:51
henk , thank you for the confirmation of Sgt Harris , i can now update My Files , sorry for the Confusion

bw Phill Jones

7th May 2018, 18:17

Section Offr (WAAF) Doreen M. SEELEY - 5540 - the National Probate Calendar records that she died at Mount Vernon Hosoital, Northwood, Middlesex.



10th July 2021, 17:29
Doreen Margaret Seeley 5540, a Filter Room officer attached to Number 11 Group, died in Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, of suppression of urine due to myocardial degeneration secondary to thyroidtoxicosis

13th January 2022, 17:30
Sydney James Parris 1318457 , attached to 5051 ACS, was admitted to Number 90 General hospital on 1 May under observation having fallen into a slit trench 2 days prior. Suffering from malaise, high temperature, a slight buttock and hip injury with rigour and extreme pain in the hip. A week later the hip pain was so intense only morphine was effective. The hip was aspirated on 7 May and saphhyloccocus aureus was treated with drugs and transfusions but he continued to deteriorate and died of supurative arthritis and septacemia

31st January 2022, 21:17
William Martin Scott 901729 , was killed in a road accident near Hammamet , His wife was pregnant at the time of his death, and local Police in the UK, were told to inform his Mothet

8th March 2023, 18:59
Norman Vincent Gregson 756170 | attached to RAF Harrogate | was admitted dangerously ill to Harrogate general hospital on 18 May where he died of bronchopneumonia with his wife Mrs. N.Y. Gregson of Grange Avenue, Harrogate, at his bedside

26th April 2023, 21:18
Jesse Hook 1652067 | was admitted dangerously ill to RAF hospital Cosford on 19 May, dying of a cerebral haemorrhage