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Henk Welting
25th June 2010, 10:18
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
LAC Oscar L. PAULL - 1413454.

B - Not found Flight Global:
AC2 Frederick R.C. PLANT - 1539997.

C - What were the GRO-listings for:
LAC Edwin J. BROWNING - 976761 - age 29 - DOAS - buried Maynamati War Cem., Bangladesh, and
F/O George M. GRAY - 121293 - KOAS - commemorated on the Gibraltar Memorial.

D - Further looking for unit and possible cause of death of:
LAC Wyndham WILLIAMS - RCAF R/153843 - age 50, who lies buried in the Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Henk Welting
25th June 2010, 10:25
Forgot to mention proposed aircraft losses in case AC2 PLANT might have been killed in a flying accident:

Catalina I - W8414 - 131 (C)OTU - crashed on landing at night Castle Archdale.
Tiger Moth II - N6525 - 29 EFTS - flew into ground near Clyffe Pypard.
Wellington IC - L7796 - CGS - crashed on landing Sutton Bridge.
Whitley V - Z6797 - PTS - crashed on take-off Tatton Park.
Master II - DK989 - 17 (P)AFU - crashed on take-off at night Wrexham.


25th June 2010, 13:16
Hi Henk
Paull,21, registered on the Isle of Wight
Plant,38, registered at Berkamstead, Hertfordshire

Henk Welting
25th June 2010, 14:23
Thanks Dick; no a/c match for PLANT.

25th June 2010, 17:23
Hi Henk

LAC Edwin J. BROWNING - 3 R & R Party
F/O George M. GRAY - Speke


Henk Welting
26th June 2010, 14:42
As ever thanks Malcolm; enjoy the weekend,

8th May 2018, 14:03

LAC Oscar L. PAULL - 1413454 - the West Sussex Gazette of June 3rd 1943 reported the following:

The body of Leading Aircraftman Oscar L. Paull (21), R.A.F. Regiment, a native of Cornwall, was found in the sea below the Needles Cliffs on Wednesday. A comrade had to be lowered over the cliffs, which are there 300 ft. high. It is assumed that he had been collecting seagull's eggs when he fell, as he had done so before.



17th March 2021, 11:42
UPGRADE to Wyndham Williams R 153843 attached to Number 1 manning depot, he was medically discharged on 25th April 1943 and died post discharge

8th June 2021, 13:39
Edwin James Browning 976761, attached to Number 3 RR party, was taken seriously ill on 24 April and admitted to the Imperial general hospital , Cohiba, where he died of clinical dysentry

3rd December 2021, 16:28
George Martello Gray 121293 , attached to RAF Speke and a pilot , although not listed as such on CWGC, was killed in a flying accident at 08:15 Hours when Spitfire VB JK 514 crashed into the sea 300 yards East of the runway at Gibraltar

18th March 2022, 00:21
Thomas Dixon 1536204 , attached to the RAF Regiment pool , was admitted dangerously ill to Number 129 General hospital at Secunderabad on 20 May suffering with malaria where he then actually died of chicken pox

2nd December 2022, 14:53
Alfred Carr 1048779 , attached to AHQ India, at RAF Rathalana, was admitted dangerously ill to Number 35 British General hospital on 26 May suffering with pyloric stenosis. He underwent a a gastro enterostomy operation but died of ducterial diverticulitis

27th May 2023, 19:10
Frederic ( FREDERICK in his records ) Richard Charles Plant 1539997 | Attached to 3 Recruits Centre | was admitted seriously ill to Ashridge EMS hospital, Berkhampstead on 15 May, where he died of tuberculosis meningitis