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Henk Welting
29th June 2010, 14:34
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service:
F/O Edward B. BLACKBURN - 119203 - 295 Sqn (Holmsley South, Hampshire).

B - Died on active service:
LAC Arthur W. CLEAR - 1618016;
Cpl Bernard A. JENKYN - 1601576, and
LACW Norah SMITH - 436487.

C - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Pilot) George R. DAWSON - 1393903 (from Brazil), and
Cpl James A. McMAHON - 1084679.

D - Not found in Flight Global:
Sgt Lawrence MacDONALD - 531050;
S/Ldr Hugh de Montmorency MIDDLETON - 28134, and
AC1 Reginald G. WALKER - 1187482.

E - Proposed aircraft losses:
Hurricane I - V6860 - 59 OTU - flew into ground Auchope, Morebattle, Kelso, Roxburghshire.
Beaufort I - EL136 - 5 (C)OTU - crashed in forced landing Ballymacilbyle, 2 miles W of Aldergrove, Antrim.
Master II - DK914 - 17 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing Field Barn Farm, Gt.Cressingham, Norfolk (already as a casualty on this a/c: F/Sgt [Pilot] D.J. CLARKE - RAAF 414467).
Master III - DL783 - SF Wittering - overshot landing home base.

Regards and thanks for your help.

29th June 2010, 16:02
Sgt L MacDonald was discovered in his quarters at Silloth (No.6 (C)OTU) with a self inflicted gunshot wound. His name was recorded as McDonald in the ORB.

Hurricane V6860 was being flown by Sgt Dawson, the record book didn't have much to say, “Sgt Pilot Dawson killed in Hurricane crash.”

29th June 2010, 16:41
Hi Henk

F/O Edward B. BLACKBURN - He was aboard Halifax DK122 according to Cummings
LAC Arthur W. CLEAR - Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Cpl Bernard A. JENKYN - Gloucester Central
LACW Norah SMITH - Aylesbury (RAF Hospital, Halton?)
Cpl James A. McMAHON - Deben, Suffolk
S/Ldr Hugh de Montmorency MIDDLETON - Ashbourne (42 OTU?), CWGC has him as 6 Feb 1943 not 2 Jun?
AC1 Reginald G. WALKER - Watford, Hertfordshire


29th June 2010, 17:03
Clarke is registered in Wayland district, Norfolk just for the record.

29th June 2010, 18:31
I thought there was something familiar about Middleton, he appeared in the thread for the 6th Feb.

There isn't anything in the 42 OTU records to suggest a connection but he is buried in Ashbourne Cemetery and was from the opposite end of the country.

Henk Welting
30th June 2010, 14:25
Thanks all for your help. MIDDLETON was my failure; had him 430602 but also 430206 ! Age 35, DOAS and registered Ashbourne, Devonshire.


30th June 2010, 16:02
Ashbourne is Derbyshire.

30th June 2010, 17:20

Sgt (Pilot) George Robert DAWSON - 1393903 : death registered at Morebattle, County of Roxburgh, Scotland. His body was found in Auchope in the parish of Morebattle. The CWGC site indicates he is buried in Kirknewton (St. Gregory) Churchyard in Northumberland in England which is about 15 miles from where his body was found.


Henk Welting
1st July 2010, 16:01
Thanks Al & Douglas for correction and additional info.

Chris Davies
27th April 2012, 21:25
Today at 12.35pm I located the exact location where V6860 crashed uncovering the fragmented remains of the aircraft.

Can anyone provide contact details of the family, I understand he was from Sao Paulo, Brazil



Chris Davies
1st May 2012, 21:47
The CWGC have Sgt. Dawson as aged 24 at date of death.

I have checked his birth certificate he was born 16/07/1919, this means he was 23 at the date of death.
I have also checked his death certificate, this records him as 23 years 11 months at date of death



Chris Davies
28th May 2012, 09:53
On Sunday 27th May 2012,

I placed a memorial post at the crash site of V6860.

I have no facility to post pictures, anyone with any ideas for a free/secure site etc, let me know please.


8th May 2018, 17:31

Cpl Bernard A. JENKYN - 1601576 - the Gloucester Citizen of June 10th 1943 reported the following:

Fatal Crash Near City
While on motor-cycle patrol duty from Bristol to Gloucester, Cpl. Bernard Jenkyn (21), of the R.A.F. Police, whose home address was Latchley Holt, Gunnislake, Cornwall, came into collison with a lorry, fitted with two large tanks laden with milk and weighing 20 tons, which was being driven by David Dennis Maddocks, of 21, Marshall Street, Chippenham.
After the collision the motor-cycle burst into flames. Jenkyn, found nearby suffering from shock and multiple injuries, was taken to hospital in Gloucester, where he died four hours after admission.



15th April 2021, 20:16
Arthur William Clear 1618016 , an MT Driver attached to 61 OTU, was seriously injured in a road accident at Newton, Shropshire on the Baschurch to Montford Bridge road, dying of his injuries in Salop Royal Infirmary at 15:10 hours

3rd July 2021, 19:03
Edward Harvey Emery 56119 , attached to 113 MU , was admitted to a mobile field hospital on 28 May where he died at 08:55 hours of cereberal malaria

6th July 2021, 17:33
Norah Smith 436487 , a waitress attached to the school of cookery at RAF Halton , was admitted to RAF Hospital, Halton on 18 May where she died of tuberculosis meningitis

18th August 2021, 17:12
Richard Kenneth Walter Rosenberg 551504 , attached to ME armament school was admitted to 13 General hospital on 26 May suffering from extensive accidental petrol burns and was making progress when he suddenly died of supraenal heamorhage complicated by toxameia

15th October 2021, 20:15
James Arthur McMahon 1084679 , attached to Number 74 Signals Wing, was killed in an air raid at 05:26 hours at RAF Bawdsey

14th April 2022, 20:31
On Sunday 27th May 2012,

I placed a memorial post at the crash site of V6860.

I have no facility to post pictures, anyone with any ideas for a free/secure site etc, let me know please.

Hi Chis,
this is my first post so I hope it gets through OK.

George R. Dawson was indeed from Sao Paulo Brazil and his younger sister would become my mother.
He was Anglo-Brazilian with a Scottish father and his mother was Irish American. Like many other Anglo Brazilians, he joined the BLAVs (British Latin American Volunteers) who found a way of signing up. His choice was the RAF. I believe flight his training took place in Canada and or USA.
We were very interested to discover more details of the circumstances surrounding his crash but it was truly unexpected and amazing to discover that a plaque had been erected at the site of of his accident.
If I understood correctly, we have your good self and your colleague to thank for this wonderful act of kindness and dedication. Our sincerest appreciation and heart-felt gratitude go out to you for this act.
I visited his near by grave site many years ago with my parents and with this new found knowledge I will plan a visit to the crash site during my next visit to Scotland to pay my respects not only to him but also to the admirable and selfless people who erected the cairn.

Very Best wishes
George Stalker. (Yes I was named after my Uncle!)

16th December 2022, 19:02
Henry Reginald Fry 1168145 , attached to 80 Squadron died in SSQ of heart failure

18th July 2023, 07:17
Frederick Charles Hawes R 139893 | was rowing a skiff boat on Watson Lake with Sgt J.H.Hadland, Mr. F.C. Dawes & F.SGT H.S, Sheppard, when he missed his stroke and fell out of the boat, loosing both oars overboard. He could not swim and the water was very cold. Sheppard and Dawes jumped in the water but where unable to support him and he sank in a few seconds. A power boat operated by 2 US Army Lieutenants rescued the two me who were already exhausted. After ten minutes Hawes was seen on the bottom in ten feet of water and was retrieved by a pike pole, but despite artificial respiration, failed to survive