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Henk Welting
1st July 2010, 17:30
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found Flight Global:
AC1 Hugh BEATTIE - 1795089.

B - Died on active service:
Cpl Herbert MARTIN - 858012 - age 50.

C - Proposed aircraft losses:
Master I - T8769 - 5 (P)AFU - crashed on overshoot 2 iles NE of Lichfield.
Master III - W8891 - 16 (P)FTS - crashed on landing Tollerton.
Horsa I Glider - DP764 - HGCU - undershot landing Brize Norton.
Horsa I Glider - DP837 - 295 Sqn - crashed in forced landing Bryngwyn, Cloecaenog, Ruthin, Denbighshire.
Oxford II - AS877 - 11 (P)AFU - crashed on overshoot Bratton.

Regards and thanks for your help.

1st July 2010, 18:50
Beattie....Buckrose, East Yorkshire.

Henk Welting
2nd July 2010, 10:41
As ever thanks Alan; no match to proposed a/c/ serials.


17th March 2021, 11:31
UPGRADE to Calvin Aquilla Richie, R 132235, he died of a cereberal embolism

5th August 2021, 20:55
Thomas Coleman 1508092, attached to HQ 241 Wing, was admitted seriously ill to Number 43 general hospital on 24 May, where he died of carcinoma of the colon with multiple secondary tumours

29th October 2021, 12:13
Graham George Cole 1394015 , attached to 519 AMES , was on sentry duty patrolling on the flat roof of a building she he dropped his Sten gun and the impact forced the bolt back which chambered and fired the weapon, hitting him the thigh and pelvis. Admitted to Number 92 General hospital, he died of his wounds two days later

23rd November 2021, 13:16
Leslie ( DEMEZA ) Snowdon 1462591 , accidently drowned at La Marsa

29th November 2021, 21:02
Peter Derek Shorter 574101 , was bitten by a snake on 29 May and was admitted to Number 6 East African general hospital where it caused his death by oedema of the lung

22nd December 2021, 14:34
Hugh Beattie 1795089 attached to 2738 Squadron RAF Regiment, attempted suicide by a self inflicted gun shot wound at RAF Hutton Cranswick. Admitted to base hospital at RAF Driffield he died at 00:15 hours

15th February 2022, 22:43
Patrick William Dennis 1376619 , was dangerously injured in a flying accident in Baltimore III AG899 at Berks III Aerodrome at 12:10 Hours on 21 May. He was admitted to RAF Hospital, Benghazi where he died at 09:00 Hours of extensive burns

15th June 2023, 21:13
Herbert Martin 858012 | died in the Douglas Voluntary Hospital, Southampton of a cardiac thrombosis