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Henk Welting
1st July 2010, 17:43
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Pilot) Reginald W. HUGHES - 1318897.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
P/O (Pilot) Stuart A. MACDUFF - 160005 (from S.Africa).

C - Died on active service:
AC2 (Flight: LAC) William ROSS - 1790123 - 80 Wing - Aldenham Lodge Hotel, Radlett, Hertfordshire (Radio/Radar & Radio Counter Measures Work).

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Hurricane I - W9120 - 59 OTU - crashed in forcfed landing Easington Grange Farm, near Belford, Northumberland.
Master I - N8047 - 5 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing Meir airfield.
Oxford II - R6388 - 1 (P)AFU - dived into ground near Ramsbury (already as a casualty on this a/c: Sgt K.W. DEACON - RAAF 417055).
Tiger Moth II - N6788 - 10 FIS - flew into ground Beech Hill, near Reading, Berkshire.
Whitley V - Z9419 - AFEE - crashed in forced landing near Sherburn-in-Elmet.
Hotspur II Glider - HH125 - 3 GTS - crashed on take-off Stoke Orchard.

Regards and thanks for your help.

1st July 2010, 18:35
Hi Henk,
Hughes and Macduff both Wantage.
Ross, Aberdeen, Scotland, death caused by Coal Gas poisoning between 12.00 noon and 4.43pm, 7/6/43.

1st July 2010, 19:34

The latest installment of AB Crash List has 'near Ramsbury' for TM N6788. I have an uncredited note that Compton Marsh Farm, Compton Beauchamp, near Ramsbury is the location, a place within the Wantage registration district (Hughes and MacDuff).



2nd July 2010, 00:00
Kenneth W Deacon is registered in Marlborough distgrict, Wiltshire

The KOAS Sgt R W Hughes you found in Flight magazine November 1943 is the Sgt R W Hughes died 21st August 1943.

The Hughes and MacDuff ought to be listed in same KOAS list.

Henk Welting
2nd July 2010, 11:13
Thanks all for your help. Still have some problems for this date:

Air Britain P1000-R9999 has for R6388: "15"(P)AFU - dived into ground near Ramsbury, 7.6.43; cause not known.
Air Britain (Aeromilitaria) Summer Ed. 2010: "1"(P)AFU (what may be typo) near Ramsbury.

Air Britain L1000-N9999 has for N6788: crashed during low flying practice near Beauchamp, Berks, 7.6.43; cause not known.
Air Britain (Aeromilitaria) Summer Ed. 2010: flew into ground Beech Hill, near Reading, Berks.

Still uncertain whether HUGHES and MACDUFF were on Oxford or Tiger Moth.
Hughes found in Casualty Communiqué 300, Flight 4-11-1943 page 517 but couldn't find Macduff.


Henk Welting
2nd July 2010, 12:36
Where I see now that DEACON's death was registered Marlborough, Wiltshire; HUGHES and MACDUFF both at Wantage, the last-named must have been on TM N6788. That's how I will list them in my files.

2nd July 2010, 12:46
That is what I was referring to Henk,

that Sgt R W Hughes is the Sgt killed in August of 1943 I think.

I'd expect to find Hughes and MacDuff published in Flight about September 1943.

3rd July 2010, 02:19

RE: Oxford II R6388.




Rich Allenby
4th July 2010, 20:19
Henk, I have the pilots of Whitley Z9419 as being F/O T. Winnington and F/O S.J. Rane, both were uninjured. I've not looked into this incident any further as yet though.

One to rule out for you.

regards Rich

Henk Welting
7th July 2010, 17:03
As ever thanks for your support.

13th June 2012, 11:16
Hi Henk,

F1180 confirms

Sgt (Pilot) Reginald W. HUGHES - 1318897.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
P/O (Pilot) Stuart A. MACDUFF - 160005 (from S.Africa).

Both killed in crash of Tiger Moth N6788


30th December 2021, 23:25
Alfred Ernest Hodson 1045770, attached to Number 10 MTLRU , was a patient in Number 97 General hospital , where he was run over and killed by an ambulance in the hospital compound

22nd February 2022, 21:37
Ronald Lewis 958092 , attached to 10 Wireless Unit , but seconded to 37 WU , died on detatched duty at Post 78 of gastro enteritis

31st March 2022, 09:05
Leonard Brown 640754 , was admitted dangerously ill to to the Combined Military hospital, Panitola on 15 September where he died of malignant tertian malaria and dystentry

14th September 2022, 21:37
Henry John Sharp 1380458, attached to Number 22 PTC, was admitted seriously ill to RAF hospital Egypt , on 5 June , becoming dangerously ill on 6 June and dying there of gastro enteritis, dehydration , alkaemia and malignant tertian malaria