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25th July 2010, 00:58

On 25-4-1942, AUS404516 F/O (Pilot) John Robert SPALDING RAAF of No.60 Squadron RAF, hired a civil Tiger Moth (VT-AMU - c/n.83632) from the local flying club and while flying over Lahore doing low aerobatics, the aircraft struck a building and crashed. The passenger was thrown out of the plane and killed. F/O Spalding died of his injuries shortly after on 26-4-1942.

Need some help identifying Spalding's unfortunate passenger. There are endless possibilities, including the fact that he/she was a civilian. Can anyone help?



25th July 2010, 21:43
Hi Colin,

I do not know what all you have tried?

I tried CWGC - search engine for the date - a lot of possibilities, also most of the civilians were killed in air raids I suppose on this date and all buried within UK.
I tried CWGC site - Karachi cemetery where your man is burried - nothig with the correct date.

So I think you can be right - a nice local lady may be the unfortunate passenger.

Have you tried to contact local library? Maybe they have any info in local newspapers ...
Try to contact:


26th July 2010, 00:55
Hi Pavel,

I have noted your comments, for which l thank you.

Spalding died in the Indian Mayo Clinic, Lahore, on 26-4-1942. He was originally buried in the Lahore Cantonment, South Cemetery, Lahore, Pakistan, India, Grave 22-F-8. His remains were later transferred to the Karachi War Cemetery, 3.A.12.

A bit of local knowledge needed here. I will try your link.


26th July 2010, 08:21
Hi Colin,

OK so the possibilities are:
- if the passanger will be laso serviceman he will be probably also transferred to the Karachi War Cemetery
- if the passenger was civilian and local, he/she may be still buried in Lahore so I suggest to try Mr. Google with Lahore Cemeteries or to contact the local council to ask for help.

To be honest I have no idea how such a requests are processed in India and Pakistan but I have found several graves by this way in another countries.


27th July 2010, 10:46
Air Britain Impressments Log has

83632 VT-AMU Nil 1940. Govt. of India. Used by No. 1 E.F.T.S., but was on
charge to No. 60 Sqn. when it struck the roof of a building in Lahore on 25.4.42 during aerobatics. The Tiger was destroyed.

27th July 2010, 11:00

I was aware of the impressment, but not the details, for which I thank you.