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Steve Brew
21st August 2010, 04:54
Further to Errol's post on NZ newspapers, I have just found that the Australian National Library has also digitised many newspapers, that are available free online at the following link:


Newspapers inlcude the Sydney Morning Herald, which is digitised from Aug. 1842 to Dec. 1954, the Melbourne Argus, Sep. 1848-Dec. 1954, the Hobart Mercury, Jul. 1860-Dec. 1954, and the Brisbane Courier, Apr. 1864-(unfortuantely only) Aug. 1933, though I understand more are being added.


21st August 2010, 10:04
Marvellous !!

One could spend hours looking at the newpapers .The 1844 Sydney Morning Herald[SMH] has a section in which Van Dieman's Land is so called .When did it became Tasmania ?
Notices about shipping, passengers,eg including a prisoner & cargo of sperm oil & wool.

The SMH war years look detailed & I've yet to trawl through. I presume it's best to register, then log in ?

The UK Times is digitalised 1785-1985 .One needs to register & log in.I've found it easier if one has a local library ticket number.


21st August 2010, 10:50
Hi Steve,

Greatly appreciated for the link. It will not only assist with my military research of No.2 ANS and No.34 OTU but with a gentleman from this area who jumped ship in Adelaide, Australia in 1848. An interesting notation is that this gentleman's great great grandson was stationed here during WWII and never knew until many yrs. later that he was this close to where one of his ancestors came from.

Again thanks!


Mikkel Plannthin
21st August 2010, 12:37
Is there any difference between this link and http://newspapers.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home apart from the design of the site?


Mikkel Plannthin

23rd August 2010, 17:41
Click the about section Mikkel, they are both National Library of Australia, email them to find out? One is probably an early test model they realeased.

The link from a google serach for 'scanned Australian newspapers' goes to


and thence to


24th August 2010, 04:26
Regarding the Brisbane newspapers: the Brisbane Courier changed its name to the Courier-Mail (as it still is).