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Henk Welting
15th February 2008, 10:35
What caused the death of:

P/O (Pilot) Brian H. BLACK - 90139 - killed on active service (Flight Global), buried Upavon Church Cem., Wiltshire (UK5306), and

P/O (Pilot) Geoffrey E. MOON - 82169 - can't find his name in the Flight Global archives, however buried same cemetery as P/O Black (Upavon).

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Battle I - N2185 - 7 FTS - crashed on approach Chesterton, Cambridgeshire.
Hector I - K8131 - SAC - crashed on take-off Old Sarum.

Tutor I - K3287 - CFS - flew into ground near Chilmark, Wiltshire (what may have been the aircraft I'm looking for).

Regards and thanks for your help.

15th February 2008, 12:06
Hi Henk
There are deaths of both of your names registered at Mere, and there is such a place about 15 Kms W of Chilmark in Wiltshire so it might point to both of them being killed in the Tutor.

Henk Welting
15th February 2008, 13:10
Thanks Dick; will amend my files.

19th September 2017, 18:10

P/O (Pilot) Brian H. BLACK - 90139 - the National Probate Calendar records the following:

BLACK Brian Henry of Central Flying School Upavon, Wiltshire died 29 July 1940 at Manor Farm, Chilwark near Salisbury.



1st October 2017, 07:14

Re: 90139 P/O (Pilot) Brian Henry BLACK RAF(AAF).

Footballer Killed - London, August 1, 1940.

Pilot Officer B. H. Black, of South Africa, who has been killed on active service, was a former English Rugby international, and toured New Zealand with British teams.
Black was one of the most versatile athletes of his generation. He won the South of France squash rackets championship and represented England in the Bobsleigh team which won the world's championship.



Alex Smart
6th November 2021, 00:22

400729 - Unaccounted Airmen - 29-07-1940

From Henk's list -

TOMLINSON, Richard Sydney - AC2c - 1052556 - RAFVR.
Halloween ( St. Peter ) Churchyard, Yorkshire.
Cause of death reportedly killed by a taxi driver ?

From CWGC -

BARRY, John Joseph - Sgt - 518370 - RAF.
HARNDEN, Gilbert John (Johnny) - Sgt - 751197 - RAFVR.
MACKINTOSH, Alexander - Sgt - 520842 - RAF.
These three airmen rest at Asmara War Cemetery, Eritrea.
They were crew of Blenheim I - L4817 - 11 Sqn.

MACINTYRE, James Galt - Sqn/Ldr - 36015 - RAF.
Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany.
Hampden I - P4375 - 44 Sqn.

MACPHERSON, Keith Dalroy - Sgt - 615194 - RAF.
Texel ( Denburg ) Cemetery, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
Blenheim IV - R3619 - 82 Sqn.

COLLINS, Darrel George - Lac - 2988 - RAAF.
Port Moresby Memorial, Papua New Guinea.
Short Empire A18- 12 - Ex G-AEUG, became VH-ABC, Impressed into RAAF August 1940.rr
Flying Boat at anchor, airman reported as vanished, most probably drowned.

DUNN, Frederick Miles - Cpl - 516796 - RAF.
Khartoum War Cemetery, Sudan.
Wellesley - K8526 - 223 Sqn.

COONEY, Cecil John - F/Sgt - 564567 - RAF.
Hurricane I - P3879 - 56 Sqn.

GAMBLEN, Douglas Robert - F/O - 39657 - RAF.
Spitfire Ia - N3038 - 41 Sqn.

HETTLE, Robert McGregor - Sgt - 645617 - RAF.
KIRDY, Matthew John Alexander(New Zealand) - P/O - 36254 - RAF.
LONGCLUSE, Norman - Sgt - 747748 - RAFVR.
These three airmen were crew of Battle - L5584 - 142 Sqn.

The five airmen named above are all commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

BLACK, Brian Henry - P/O - 90139 - RAF (AAF).
MOON, Geoffrey Edward - P/O - 82169 - RAFVR.
These two airmen rest at Upavon Cemetery, Wiltshire.
They were crew of Tutor - K3287 - CFS which crashed while low flying near Chilmark, Wiltshire, Ref "K File, page 355.

This forum's database has Henley I - L3287.
But that a/c in AB's L1000-N9999 is recorded as being with the following units. 1 AACU; 1614 Flt/1601 Flt; 1609 Flt; 595 Sqn then SOC 13.6.44.

CAMPBELL, Kenneth Charles - P/O - 79155 - RAFVR.
Lympne (St.Stephen ) Churchyard, Kent.
Hurricane I - L1955 - 43 Sqn.

HANNA, Robert - Sgt - 741853 - RAFVR.
Aldershot Civil Cemetery, Hampshire.
ROBB, William - Sgt - 628511 - RAF.
Benson ( St.Helen ) Churchyard Extension, Oxfordshire.
THOMSON, Robert Champney - Sgt - 759316 - RAFVR.
Bawtry Cemetery, Yorkshire.
These three airmen were crew of Battle - L5091 - 12 OTU.
OLEWINSKI, Kasimierz - Porucznik - P/76753 - PAF.
Sutton Bridge (St. Matthew ) Churchyard, Lincolnshire.
Hurricane I - L1714 - 6 OTU.

SHELLEY, George James Albert - Midshipman (A) - HMS Daedalus - RN.
Lee-On-Solent Memorial, Hampshire.
Swordfish - K8425 - TTU - RAF.


6th November 2021, 08:58
My apologies, but the first chap is Richard Sydney Tomlinson (not Richardson). An article in the Nottingham Journal - Tuesday 30 July 1940, states "Knocked down by a motor car while he was walking along the Fosse Road with two other men, Richard Sydney Tomlinson (25), Shelford, has since died." I can't find anything else, but it tallies with the belief that he was killed by a taxi driver. Shelford and the Fosse Way are in close proximity to the former RAF Newton, so it may be worth a quick gander in the Station ORB.



6th November 2021, 10:11

TOMLINSON, Richardson Sydney - AC2c - 1052556 - the inquest into his death was reported in the Grantham Journal of August 23rd 1940. It reports that Tomlinson was accidentally knocked down on August 28th by a taxi driven by William George Adams. Tomlinson died of his injuries the next day.
Adams himself died after another road accident at Ancaster on August 6th 1940, when his stationary taxi was struck by a bus after he has stopped to adjust a rear light. He suffered a fractured skull, and died in Grantham Hospital. A verdict of Accidental death was returned at the inquest into his death.



Alex Smart
6th November 2021, 20:50
Thanks Jonny, now edited.