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8th September 2010, 05:22
There is a very popular (and true) Story dealing with an Indian Air Force Lysanders during the Burma Campaign in 1942 when Rangoon fell. The story goes that on the day Rangoon fell - 7th March 1942, two IAF Lysanders (of No.1 Squadron) flew into Mingaladon airfield - carrying two RAF Pilots. The objective was to fly out two serviceable Hurricanes left behind at Mingaladon.

The indian pilots flying the Lysanders were Flt Lt H Raza and Fg Offr Rajendra Singh. One of the RAF pilots (who flew in Raza's aircraft) was a Pilot Officer Bailey. All aircraft took off with the Lysanders following the Hurris and officially are said to be the last planes out of Rangoon before it fell into the Japanese hands.

Now I have several questions related to ths incident.
1. Who was the other RAF pilot - which unit(s) did both these pilots belong to?
2. Which unit did the Hurris belong to? any ids on the aircraft?
3. Is this account mentioned in any litterature out there ? Like Bloody Shambles or any of the books on the topic?
4. Did any of the other Squadrons fly similar missions - to rescue the stranded aircraft?

A 1942 report from the Illustrated Weekly on the event is reproduced here

Thoughts appreciated.

8th September 2010, 06:43
The involvement in the two IAF Lysanders is mentioned in Bloody Shambles Vol 2 but neither pilot are you mention. They are given as Sgt C H Fox RNZAF, and an Austrlian called Sgt McRae.

The passengers were S/L Sutton and Sgt Bunting. Three aircraft were flown out, but not by the passengers above (who, the book, states were sent to "assist the evacuation)


Jagan, I'll send you an email with the entry

8th September 2010, 14:09
Thanks Amrit. So there were other aircraft flying in. I was wondering if there were ground crew there to assist the Hurri Pilots. This may make sense.

Raza flew in with P/O Bailey, and flew out with Aircraftsman Carpenter. I dont have details on Rajender Singh yet. Rajender Singh died two years later in Burma.

It would be interesting to find out how Bloody Shambles got these other details.

19th July 2011, 04:49
Haider Raza was my grandfather's younger brother. He passed away in the US about 15 years ago. Unfortunately there is nothing I can add to this